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Saint Peter Chrysologus.

Church to honor 'Doctor of Homilies' on July 30

Jul 29, 2012

On July 30, the Catholic Church celebrates Saint Peter Chrysologus, a fifth-century Italian bishop known for testifying courageously to Christ's... Read more

Saint Charbel Makhlouf.

Lebanese hermit St. Charbel remembered July 24

Jul 22, 2012

On July 24, the Catholic Church celebrates the life of St. Charbel Makhlouf, a Maronite Catholic priest, monk, and hermit... Read more

Saint Camillus de Lellis.

Nursing patron St. Camillus de Lellis celebrated this week

Jul 15, 2012

On July 18 the U.S. Catholic Church celebrates the feast day of Saint Camillus de Lellis, who turned from his... Read more

Saint Benedict of Nursia.

Western monastic patron St. Benedict celebrated July 11

Jul 8, 2012

On July 11, the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of Saint Benedict of Nursia, the sixth-century abbot who gave Christian... Read more

Pope Benedict XVI.

Pope upholds Saints Peter, Paul as witnesses of Christian brotherhood

Jun 29, 2012

Pope Benedict XVI reflected that St. Peter and St. Paul are prime examples of the brotherhood that all Christians should... Read more

St. Paulinus of Nola.

Church remembers poet-bishop St. Paulinus of Nola on June 22

Jun 17, 2012

On June 22, the Catholic Church remembers Saint Paulinus of Nola, who gave up his life in politics to become... Read more

St. John Francis Regis.

Jesuit priest St. John Francis Regis honored June 16

Jun 10, 2012

On June 16 the Catholic Church celebrates the memory of Saint John Francis Regis, a 17th-century French Jesuit known for... Read more

Pope Saint Gregory VII.

Medieval reformer Pope St. Gregory VII honored May 25

May 20, 2012

On May 25 the Catholic Church celebrates Pope St. Gregory VII, who sought to reform the Church and secure its... Read more

The Virgin Mary Giving the Scapular to St. Simon Stock.

Carmelite monk St. Simon Stock honored May 16

May 13, 2012

On May 16 the Catholic Church remembers Saint Simon Stock, a twelfth- and thirteenth-century Carmelite monk whose vision of the... Read more


Cardinal calls saints 'living' catechesis for the world

May 9, 2012

The prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, said the lives of the saints are one of... Read more

Maria Isabel Gomes de Melo one month after her recovery at age 3 (left) and today at age 15 (right).

Future Spanish saint's intercession cured 3-year-old

Mar 1, 2012

On Oct. 21, the Church will celebrate the canonization of Sister Carmen Salles y Barangueras, whose cause for sainthood was approved after... Read more