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Pope Francis at his general audience address in the library of the Apostolic Palace May 5, 2021.

Pope Francis: Do not forget workers pushed to the margins by pandemic

Pope Francis was addressing an International Labor Organization summit. Read more

Why organized labor is (still) a Catholic cause

At a time when labor unions are weak, Catholics still have a place in the labor movement, said a priest... Read more

Duquesne University's crest on Canevin Hall.

Federal court: labor board can't judge Catholic schools' religious mission

Longstanding court precedent has recognized religious schools’ right to pursue their mission in faculty employment decisions, and so the National... Read more

The Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C.

Bishops weigh in on SCOTUS union case and workers' rights

A US Supreme Court decision striking down mandatory fees paid to public-sector unions undermines workers’ collective rights and can’t be... Read more

Union members rally Dec. 11, 2012 at the Michigan State Capitol to protest a vote on Right-to-Work legislation.

Catholics see two sides to Michigan's new union limits

Catholic commentators have weighed in on both sides of the controversial “right to work” labor bill in the longtime union... Read more