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 Chinese president Xi Jinping.

Analysis: The art of China’s Vatican deal

Sep 2, 2020

By Ed Condon

While the last two years have failed to deliver any measurable progress on the Vatican’s priorities, the status quo of... Read more

Cardinal John Tong Hon of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong cardinal warns priests to ‘watch your language’ in homilies

Sep 1, 2020

By Ed Condon

The leader of the Diocese of Hong Kong has written to all the clergy telling them to avoid politics in... Read more

Vatican and China flags.

Analysis: Is Vatican silence on China strategic?

Aug 27, 2020

By Ed Condon

The Holy See faces mounting criticism for its silence on human rights abuses in China ahead of the expected renewal... Read more

Wing Choh Primary school, and Catholic Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Hong Kong.

HK diocese promotes 'national identity', security law in Catholic schools

Aug 11, 2020

The Diocese of Hong Kong has told Catholic schools told to promote the provisions of the new National Security Law to students,... Read more

14Jul2019: Hongkongers march in Sha Tin against Hong Kong's extradition bill.

HK Catholic activists arrested, US lawmakers sanctioned in China crackdown

Aug 10, 2020

Chinese authorities arrested pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong and imposed new sanctions on American lawmakers August 10, as part of... Read more

Photo: Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, archbishop of Yangon.

Cardinals condemn China’s ‘potential genocide’ of Uyghurs

Aug 10, 2020

By Courtney Mares

The Chinese government’s treatment of Uyghurs is “one of the most egregious human tragedies since the Holocaust,” two Asian cardinals... Read more

Cathedral of St. Francis, Xi'an, China.

Chinese bishop denies government has plans to demolish cathedral

Aug 4, 2020

A Catholic bishop in China has denied that the government plans to tear down his cathedral, after local Catholics expressed... Read more

Crowds in Shenzhen, China.

China offers rewards for reporting underground churches

Jul 31, 2020

The Chinese Communist Party is offering monetary rewards to those who report the presence of home churches in their communities.  Read more

Bishop James Su Zhimin. Image from Congressional - Executive Commission On China Political Prisoner Database.

Congressional hearing highlights case of missing Chinese Catholic bishop

Jul 30, 2020

By Matt Hadro

The fate of a long-imprisoned Catholic bishop in China was the focus of a congressional hearing on Thursday, amid growing... Read more

Chineses, Taiwanese and Vatican flags. Image via Shutterstock

Analysis: The Vatican and China Part III, Taiwan

Jul 24, 2020

By Ed Condon

With negotiations ongoing for an extension of the 2018 Vatican-China deal, the fate of Vatican-Taiwan relations may prove inextricable from... Read more

Hong Kong and Vatican flags. Image via Shutterstock

Analysis: The Vatican and China Part II, Hong Kong

Jul 23, 2020

By Ed Condon

As the Vatican and China negotiate an extension of the controversial 2018 deal, the Diocese of Hong Kong is at... Read more

CCTV surveillance cameras in Tiananmen Square.

China turns surveillance state on religious gatherings

Jul 22, 2020

By Matt Hadro

China is using advanced technology to monitor both public and private religious gatherings, witnesses told a federal hearing on Wednesday.  Read more

China & Vatican flags. Image via Shutterstock

Analysis: The Vatican and China Part I, the Mainland

Jul 22, 2020

By Ed Condon

While Catholic China watchers have long focused on the ongoing human rights crisis in the country, broader media attention has... Read more

People praying in Shanghai, China.

Chinese Christians told to replace Christ with Mao or lose government support

Jul 21, 2020

Government authorities in Shanxi, China, have ordered people who receive government assistance to replace religious symbols in their homes, including pictures... Read more

Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, speaks at the Pontifical Urban University in Rome, Nov. 18, 2014.

Cardinal Zen: 'No confidence' in HK religious freedom after new security law

Jun 30, 2020

Cardinal Joseph Zen, the bishop emeritus of Hong Kong, has warned that new security laws in the province could lead... Read more

Cardinal John Tong Hon, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Hong Kong.

New Hong Kong laws will have 'no effect' on religious freedom says cardinal

Jun 24, 2020

Cardinal John Tong Hon, the apostolic administrator of Hong Kong, has rejected concerns that new security and sedition laws for the... Read more

Dalù stands in St. Peter’s Square.

Finding God in Shanghai: a Chinese convert’s path to faith

Jun 24, 2020

By Courtney Mares

At his baptism at a Catholic church in Shanghai, Dalù said that he “cried like a baby” knowing that his... Read more

Flags of Vatican City and China, via Shutterstock.

Underground bishop detained in China

Jun 22, 2020

Chinese officials reportedly arrested an elderly bishop of the underground Catholic Church last week.  Read more

Catholic Church of the Saviour in Xicheng District, Beijing, China.

Churches in China must preach 'patriotism' to reopen after coronavirus

Jun 5, 2020

State-sponsored Catholic authorities in parts of China have issued regulations on the reopening of churches during the coronavirus pandemic. The... Read more

Church cross against city background in China.

Chinese government resumes removal of crosses from church buildings

Apr 30, 2020

As the Chinese government makes progress containing the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities have resumed action to remove crosses from buildings and... Read more