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What went wrong in the Sexual Revolution? This documentary takes a look

Dec 23, 2018

The story of a donor-conceived woman. The Sexual Revolution of the 1960s. The development of birth control. And a papal... Read more

In an age of #MeToo, women take a ‘second look’ at the sexual revolution

Jun 1, 2018

By Courtney Mares

Fifty years after the sexual revolution promised female empowerment through casual sex “without consequences,” scholars are looking into the far-reaching... Read more

Mary Eberstadt.

Where the revolution has led: an interview with Mary Eberstadt

Nov 20, 2017

By JD Flynn

Catholic author Mary Eberstadt is a senior fellow of the Faith & Reason Institute, and the author of several best-selling... Read more

Birth Control.

When religious liberty collides with the sexual revolution

Mar 22, 2016

At the heart of many of today’s most pressing U.S. religious liberty concerns is the fallout from the sexual revolution... Read more

Mary Eberstadt speaks at Bonfils Hall in Denver, Feb 11, 2013.

How the Church can rebuild from the ashes of the sexual revolution

Nov 18, 2014

By Matt Hadro

Faced with a destructive “new intolerance,” the greatest Christian witnesses could be the very victims of the sexual revolution that... Read more

Mary Eberstadt speaks at Bonfils hall in Denver, Feb 11, 2013.

Author sees cultural willingness to re-examine sexual revolution

Feb 14, 2013

A Catholic author believes that the “surprisingly positive” reception of her book on the sexual revolution shows an encouraging openness... Read more