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‘NaPro technology’ offers a pro-life alternative to IVF for infertility treatment

Mar 26, 2024

By Tyler Arnold

NaPro approaches fertility treatment by two methods: identifying and treating the underlying causes of infertility and charting the woman’s fertility... Read more


Pope Francis praises NFP method as ‘valuable tool’ for married couples

May 2, 2023

By Hannah Brockhaus

Pope Francis said the Billings method has spurred “a serious reflection” on “the need for education in the value of... Read more


Federal judge allows for coverage of fertility awareness methods under health insurance

Dec 9, 2022

By Jonah McKeown

Fertility awareness methods enable women to track their fertile cycles by charting one or more biomarkers. Couples can use this... Read more


Biden administration sued after fertility awareness methods cut from health coverage

Jun 14, 2022

By Katie Yoder

Couples can use this biomarker information, in line with Catholic Church teaching, to avoid or achieve pregnancy. Read more

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NFP expert: Natural Family Planning ‘empowers’ Catholic couples with fertility knowledge 

Aug 2, 2021

By Katie Yoder

Natural Family Planning (NFP) empowers women with “extremely valuable” information about their bodies, according to a Catholic OB/GYN and NaProTechnology... Read more

How Natural Family Planning is spreading in West Africa

Aug 1, 2020

By Mary Farrow

In countries throughout Western Africa, the most common religions are Islam and Catholicism. Both of these religions reject the use... Read more

Why NFP is not just ‘Catholic contraception’

Jul 24, 2020

As someone who teaches couples about Natural Family Planning (NFP), Jeanice Vinduska most often fields questions of doubt from couples... Read more

Hispanic couple with baby.

How three dioceses are bringing NFP to Hispanic Catholics 

Jul 23, 2020

By Mary Farrow

Susana Diaz gets a kick out of watching couples’ faces during their first marriage preparation class.  Read more

Dioceses share couples’ stories, virtual resources for NFP awareness week

Jul 20, 2020

Online resources and personal stories from Catholic couples feature prominently as key parts of this year’s NFP Awareness Week, an... Read more

Why some Catholic women say an NFP-shaming article was ‘off the charts’

Jul 25, 2019

By Mary Farrow

NFP, or Natural Family Planning, is an oft misunderstood thing.  Read more

FEMM fertility app CEO says women have the right to understand their bodies

May 30, 2019

The maker of a popular fertility awareness app says it is built on peer-reviewed research and a scientific approach to... Read more

FEMM aims for data-driven approach to fertility awareness

Dec 20, 2018

By Christine Rousselle

For some, the idea of “fertility awareness” can seem daunting- full of charts and confusing formulas. The FEMM Health App... Read more

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'Natural cycles' fertility app gets FDA approval to prevent pregnancy

Aug 21, 2018

The FDA has approved a fertility-tracking app that boasts a lower unintended pregnancy rate than the pill, without the side... Read more

Why so serious? Catholic professor talks NFP

Jul 24, 2018

By Perry West

Ramping up to the 50th anniversary of Humanae vitae, a Catholic professor analyzed the encyclical’s guidance on responsible parenthood- discussing... Read more

Have questions on Humanae Vitae? Social media discussion offers answers

Jul 3, 2018

A month-long social media conversation on Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae kicked off this week, facilitated by the Diocese of... Read more

How knowing your fertility can catch diseases early

Jul 1, 2018

By Adelaide Mena

When Maggie was in high school, she stayed after class to talk to ask a teacher what to do about... Read more

Misunderstanding NFP: Where Catholics and non-Catholics get it wrong

Mar 28, 2018

By Mary Farrow

The encyclical Humanae Vitae by Pope Paul VI shocked the world when it was published in 1968.  Read more

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Humanae Vitae is needed now more than ever, say conference attendees

Mar 26, 2018

By Mary Farrow

Fifty years after its release, the teachings of Humanae Vitae are more relevant and necessary for the life of the... Read more

The female nuclear physicist who created a fertility app

Mar 20, 2018

Meet Elina Berglund: a nuclear physicist who will be known as the woman who developed the first natural cycle fertility... Read more

The Pill.

NFP: It's not just a Catholic thing anymore

Jul 24, 2017

For some, it was a health-conscious decision. For others, it was environmental. For still others, it was faith-based.  Read more