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Trump nominee for Attorney General William Barr during confirmations hearing ahead of his first term in the role in 1991.

Trump announces picks for new AG and UN Ambassador

Dec 7, 2018

By Christine Rousselle

President Donald Trump announced Friday his nominations for the positions of U.S. Attorney General and Ambassador to the United Nations.  Read more

US President Donald Trump, Ambassador Nikki Haley at the United Nations, Sept. 2018.

U.S. will remain committed to protecting the unborn at the U.N., Haley says

Nov 5, 2018

By Christine Rousselle

As negotiations begin on the annual United Nations humanitarian assistance omnibus resolution, the United States will remain committed to protecting... Read more

Ambassador Nikki Halley, Sept. 2018.

Nikki Haley praises ‘everyday miracles’ of Church despite abuse crisis

Oct 22, 2018

Ambassador Nikki Haley used her speech at the annual Al Smith dinner in New York City to acknowledge the Church’s... Read more