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Alabama Supreme Court rules that frozen embryos are children under state law

Feb 20, 2024

By Daniel Payne

State's wrongful death act applies to all children "regardless of their location." Read more

Catholic columnist: ‘Brave new world’ of embryo experimentation could sharpen Communion debate

Jun 24, 2021

Recent developments regarding experimentation on human embryos could force a larger conflict between Catholic Democratic politicians and U.S. bishops on... Read more

‘Utter disregard’ for life: Members of Congress slam new guidance on embryo research

May 28, 2021

Two members of Congress this week criticized new guidance by a leading scientific organization removing prohibitions on research of human... Read more

Research on human embryos in an artificial womb? Why recent experiments have ethicists concerned

Mar 25, 2021

After scientists successfully grew mouse embryos in an artificial uterus, ethicists are warning against any future extension of the experiments... Read more

Chinese scientists, officials denounce gene-editing of embryos

Nov 27, 2018

A Chinese scientist’s claim to have created a gene-edited baby has been met with an outpouring of condemnation, with critics... Read more