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Fr. David Echioda.

Nigerian priest abducted by gunmen after Sunday Mass

Mar 3, 2020

By Courtney Mares

Another Catholic priest in Nigeria has been kidnapped by gunmen, according to local media reports.  Read more

Priest in Mexico hospitalized after being kidnapped, shot

Jan 8, 2020

A Mexican priest who had been kidnapped is in the hospital in serious condition after having been discovered released on... Read more

Fr. Arinze Madu, Vice Rector at Nigeria’s Queen of Apostles SSeminary, Enugu, kidnapped outside the seminary gate and released October 30, 2019

Nigerian priest abducted and released, officials increase security measures

Oct 30, 2019

The vice-rector of a seminary in Nigeria was kidnapped earlier this week and released two days later, the latest in... Read more

Nigerian priest abducted on Christmas Eve: Prayer saved us

Jan 4, 2019

A Nigerian priest who was kidnapped on Christmas Eve recalled his experience after Mass this week, saying prayer is what... Read more