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Psychologist and author Dr. Jordan Peterson speaks to EWTN News In Depth's Colm Flynn as Peterson's wife, Tammy, joins the Catholic Church.

As wife joins the Catholic Church, Jordan Peterson says Easter is ‘the core story of humanity’

Apr 1, 2024

By Kate Quiñones

When asked what the cross meant to him, Peterson said “it’s the point where everything comes together.” Read more

Tammy Peterson speaks with Colm Flynn on “EWTN News in Depth” on Feb. 2, 2024.

Tammy Peterson speaks about her healing from cancer and journey to Catholicism

Feb 3, 2024

By Kate Quiñones

In an interview with “EWTN News In Depth,” Tammy Peterson shared about the rosary’s role in her faith journey and... Read more

Book Review: Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life

May 14, 2018

The meteoric rise of Jordan B. Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, has resulted in a... Read more