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Incoming students at Wyoming Catholic College in Lander, Wyoming, are required to take a three-week wilderness trek that challenges them both body and soul.

Bach on a mountain: Wilderness experience informs faith at Wyoming Catholic College

Jul 16, 2023

By Martin Barillas

Students at Wyoming Catholic College in Lander, Wyoming, begin their academic careers with a long mountain trek that challenges them... Read more


New Wyoming law restricts girls’ sports to biological girls

Mar 21, 2023

By Tyler Arnold

Beginning on July 1, only biological girls will be allowed to participate in seventh- through 12th-grade girls’ athletic competitions in... Read more

Wyoming legislature to re-visit 'born-alive' abortion bill despite 2020 veto

Jan 9, 2021

By CNA Staff

The Wyoming legislature will again consider a bill to protect infants born alive in legal abortion attempts. Its backers say... Read more

A memorial to Irish priests who have served in Wyoming.

The last Irish priest in Wyoming

Apr 6, 2019

By Kevin J. Jones

“I am the last F.B.I.: foreign-born Irish,” Father Tom Sheridan, a retired priest of the Cheyenne diocese, told CNA.  Read more