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Analysis: The GOP at a crossroads - and what it means for the pro-life movement

Feb 2, 2021

By Michelle La Rosa

As they look to the future, Republicans must now grapple with the identity of the party in a post-Trump era,... Read more

Senator Ben Sasse. CSPAN.

Senator Sasse: Questioning Barrett’s faith shows misunderstanding of civics, religious freedom

Oct 12, 2020

Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) on Monday criticized questions aimed at Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s religious beliefs, saying they... Read more

Senator Ben Sasse, who introduced the resolution in the Senate, pictured at the National Press Club, Oct. 2018.

Sasse resolution: Church beliefs should not jeopardize tax-exempt status

Oct 17, 2019

By Matt Hadro

One U.S. senator is looking to bring up a vote on protecting churches from attempts to police their beliefs, after... Read more