Morning after pill

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Spanish court recognizes pharmacists' conscience rights

Spain's Constitional Court has issued a ruling protecting the conscience rights of pharmacists who decline to sell the morning after... Read more

President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the 2013 Planned Parenthood National Conference April 26, 2013

Administration appeals judge's order on Plan B access

The Obama administration filed an appeal notice Wednesday to challenge a judge’s decision requiring that the morning-after pill be available... Read more

Kristan Hawkins, executive director of Students for Life of America and Anna Higgins, Director of the Family Research Council's Center for Human Dignity.

Wider morning-after pill access harms teens, opponents say

Critics slammed the FDA’s decision to make the Plan B One-Step morning-after pill available without a prescription to teenagers as... Read more

Morning-after pill to be made available over the counter

On April 30, the Food and Drug Administration approved over the counter sale of the morning-after pill Plan B One-Step... Read more

Critics slam drastic widening of morning-after pill access

A federal judge's order to make the morning-after pill available without a prescription to people of any age has drawn... Read more


Chile faces criticism for giving morning-after pill to minors

A new norm approved by Chile’s Ministry of Health has met with disapproval for allowing the morning-after pill to be... Read more

Morning-after pills all have abortive potential, doctor says

The reasoning offered by the German Catholic bishops for allowing the morning-after pill in rape cases is being faulted for... Read more

Dr. Justo Aznar speaks with CNA on Feb. 22, 2013 during his visit to Rome for the Pontifical Academy for Life's general assembly at the Vatican.

Doctor calls German bishops misled on morning-after pill

A leading Catholic doctor in Spain says he will write a letter to Germany's bishops to help correct what he... Read more