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The 2015 Concert for the Poor at the Vatican's Paul VI Hall, May 14, 2015.

Rome's poor to be guests of honor at Vatican concert

Oct 26, 2016

By Hannah Brockhaus

The Vatican will host a concert for the poor and homeless of Rome next month, not only using the concert... Read more

Shyla Montoya with Pope Francis. Photo courtesy of Tanya Cangelosi.

From homeless to meeting the Pope – a story of inspiration

Sep 27, 2016

By Hannah Brockhaus

Tanya Cangelosi never imagined that she would one day be bringing homeless people on pilgrimages to Rome. And Shyla Montoya... Read more

Women's homeless shelter.

Privacy, safety at stake with proposed rule on homeless shelters

Aug 21, 2016

By Matt Hadro

According to proposed federal rules, homeless shelters partnering with the government might soon have to compromise the privacy and safety... Read more

Homeless Jesus statue.

Homeless Jesus inspires 911 calls in North Dakota

Jul 6, 2016

The Homeless Jesus statue is at it again.  Read more

Rome's homeless join volunteers in handing out copies of the Gospel to pilgrims in St. Peter's Square, March 22, 2015.

Vatican gives free health care to Rome's poor

Mar 1, 2016

By Ann Schneible

Poor and homeless men and women will now be able to turn to the Vatican for medical treatment, the latest... Read more

Pope Francis opens a Holy Door at a Rome homeless shelter Dec. 18.

Want to find God? Seek him in the most needy, Pope Francis says

Dec 19, 2015

Speaking at a Rome homeless shelter, Pope Francis has said the humility of Jesus Christ’s birth shows that mankind can... Read more

Chicago Catholic cemeteries give a proper burial to those who died on the fringes

Nov 24, 2015

By Kevin J. Jones

Chicago’s Catholic cemeteries have helped bury the bodies of about 200 unidentified and unclaimed persons in recent years. One of... Read more

Derrick Yearout, far left, inside the Colosseum on a recent pilgrimage to Rome. Photo courtesy of Tanya Cangelosi.

Rome pilgrimage gives homeless man a new perspective on life

Nov 3, 2015

By Elise Harris

Derrick Yearout has come a long way from his homeless, drug-addicted days. After changing his life and getting off the... Read more

Pope Francis speaks at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City during Vespers on Sept. 24, 2015.

Here's what it was like when Pope Francis visited the homeless in DC

Oct 5, 2015

By Matt Hadro

Pope Francis’ visit to homeless men and women in Washington, D.C., was “life-changing,” said the head of Catholic Charities in... Read more

Pope Francis at the Vatican on April 3, 2014.

Jesus came into the world as a homeless person, Pope Francis says

Sep 24, 2015

There is no social or moral justification for homelessness, but we can find solace and meaning in the Incarnation, Pope... Read more

The Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, San Francisco, Calif.

San Francisco cathedral sprinkler aimed for safety, not homeless

Mar 18, 2015

By Kevin J. Jones

San Francisco’s cathedral installed a special sprinkler system to wash out “needles, feces and other dangerous items” from its doorways... Read more

Homeless Jesus.

Would you recognize 'Homeless Jesus' on a park bench in DC?

Mar 4, 2015

By Matt Hadro

A statue of “Homeless Jesus” now sits just outside Catholic Charities in downtown Washington, D.C., with the organization’s president hoping... Read more

Willy Herteleer in 2007.

Willy's Story - the homeless man buried in the Vatican

Feb 27, 2015

Everyone in the neighborhood outside the Vatican knew Willy Herteleer.  Read more

Despite improvements, still 'a long way to go' for US homeless

Jun 5, 2014

By Adelaide Mena

A new report on homelessness shows some improvements in the country's response to those who are without shelter, but also... Read more

Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square before the Wednesday general audience, May 22, 2013.

Pope Francis invites homeless to dine at Vatican

Jul 8, 2013

On July 1 Pope Francis invited a group of 200 homeless individuals to dinner at the Vatican, where they were served in... Read more