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Spring cherry blossoms. Photo

How the beauty of Bach's music evangelized Japan

Jun 2, 2016

By Mary Farrow

Several years ago, a Lutheran theologian and former Japanese newspaper correspondent uncovered an unusual phenomenon in Japan.  Read more

A rescue team tries to save victims after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Kumamoto, Japan, April 16, 2016.

Japanese bishops mobilize relief efforts to help earthquake victims

Apr 18, 2016

Japan's Catholic bishops are coordinating efforts to help the thousands of people affected by the two earthquakes which struck the... Read more

Japan's history of 'hidden' Christians and what the Pope said about it

Mar 23, 2015

In a recent meeting with Japan's bishops, Pope Francis discussed how the country's brutal history of Christian persecution has given... Read more

Mikokoro Center, Nagoya, Japan.

Assumption speaks to Japan's Catholics, missionary says

Aug 13, 2013

The Feast of the Assumption is an important celebration for Catholicism in Japan because of its link to both death... Read more