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Archive of October 30, 2008

Indian Catholic priest attacked in August succumbs to injuries

Oct 30, 2008 - 11:39 pm .- An Indian priest from the state of Tamil Nadu who was attacked by Hindu extremists in August died from his injuries this week, as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shivraj Patil, proposed a law to stop the wave of anti-Christian violence.

Cardinal Cipriani calls on parents not to grow weary of teaching the faith

Oct 30, 2008 - 08:07 pm .- The Archbishop of Lima, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, has described the Great Mission of Lima as an invitation to all the faithful to learn more about the Word of God, and called on parents and grandparents not to grow wear of teaching the faith to their children.

John Paul II’s Christian humanism ‘rescues’ Vatican II document, Weigel says

Oct 30, 2008 - 05:53 pm .- Gaudium et Spes, the Pastoral Constitution of the Second Vatican Council, rightly recognized that the question of man’s identity is central to modern life but failed to anticipate many of the changes in modern worldviews and lifestyles. So says George Weigel, who argued on Thursday that the teachings of the late Pope complement the document’s omissions.

Presidential candidate in Panama rejects proposed reproductive health law

Oct 30, 2008 - 04:35 pm .- Panamanian presidential candidate Juan Carlos Varela has expressed his rejection of a proposed law on sexual and reproductive health that is currently before the country’s National Assembly and said that if the measure passes he would overturn it if elected.

Vatican issues new document on using psychology to improve formation of seminarians

Oct 30, 2008 - 03:42 pm .- The Congregation for Catholic Education has issued a new document whose purpose is to ensure that adequate discernment and formation is used in recruiting candidates for the priesthood.

Officials order removal of abortion pill advertising in Costa Rica

Oct 30, 2008 - 02:21 pm .- The National Control of Advertising Board in Costa Rica ruled this week that radio ads promoting the abortion pill as “emergency contraception” are illegal and ordered them pulled off the air.

Diocese of Scranton warns about messages from liberal ‘Catholic’ groups

Oct 30, 2008 - 01:18 pm .- The Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania has continued educating its members on the importance of life during this election season.  In a new video titled, “The Catholic Church and Life Issues,” the diocese refutes claims by groups such as Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good that Catholics can vote for a pro-choice politician.

Terrorists bomb Catholic university in Spain

Oct 30, 2008 - 12:40 pm .- The University of Navarra, a Catholic school in Pamplona, Spain was bombed by the Basque separatist group ETA on Thursday morning. Initial estimates indicate that 21 people have been injured. 

Pope describes Catholicism as the ‘cornerstone’ of Canadian society

Oct 30, 2008 - 10:40 am .- Anne Leahy, Canada’s new ambassador to the Holy See, was received by Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday morning at an audience where she presented her credentials. Speaking to the new diplomat, the Pope recalled that Catholicism is the “cornerstone” of Canadian society and encouraged Canadians to rediscover the meaning of individual freedom.  

Archbishop Gomez: ‘culture of life’ issues cannot be dismissed from public debate

Oct 30, 2008 - 06:34 am .- Archbishop of San Antonio Jose Gomez has published a column in the San Antonio Express News lamenting the “troubling” absence of life and family issues in public debate. Defending the relevance of “culture of life” issues, he said they are among the “most fundamental concerns of civilization.”

Florida marriage amendment support nears victory level

Oct 30, 2008 - 04:21 am .- Poll results released last Friday show voter support for Florida’s Amendment 2, which would reaffirm the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman, is nearing the sixty percent support required for passage.

Bishop corrects Michigan governor’s ‘shocking’ endorsement of embryo research proposal

Oct 30, 2008 - 03:35 am .- Bishop of Lansing Earl Boyea has rebuked Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s Sunday endorsement of a ballot proposal which would remove many restrictions on destructive human embryo research. He described as “shocking” her mention of her Catholic faith to justify her endorsement.

Suspicious ‘educational’ movement launched in Panama

Oct 30, 2008 - 01:56 am .- Pro-life leaders in Panama are expressing concern about the new “Citizens’ Movement for Education,” which has been created with funding from UNICEF amidst the debate in the country on a new sexual and reproductive health law that seeks to impose abortion and gender ideology.