Marianne Medlin

Marianne Medlin

Marianne is a journalist with a background in writing and Catholic theology. When not elaborating on the cinematic arts, she enjoys spending time with people, reading thick books and traveling anywhere and everywhere.

Articles by Marianne Medlin

George Weigel slams critics of John Paul II's fast track to sainthood

Apr 25, 2011 / 17:11 pm

Scholar and papal biographer George Weigel batted aside criticism of John Paul II's speedy canonization process, saying accusations that the pontiff is responsible for scandals that took place under his watch are ultimately unfounded. 

Film captures story of faith-filled teacher's service to homeless

Apr 21, 2011 / 00:40 am

A new Hallmark TV movie premiering on April 24 chronicles the true story of renowned Utah educator Stacey Bess and her work in teaching homeless children who had been nearly abandoned by the local educational system.

Chicago's Polish community eager to celebrate JP II beatification

Apr 20, 2011 / 01:00 am

Home to over a million Polish people, Chicago is bustling with plans to participate in the global celebration of Pope John Paul II's beatification.

Pope appoints youngest bishop in US to Detroit archdiocese (Updated)

Apr 18, 2011 / 14:12 pm

Pope Benedict appointed Texas priest Jose Auturo Cepeda as an auxiliary bishop of Detroit. At the age of 41, he will become the youngest bishop in the U.S.

Poverty not reduced by population control, states Vatican’s UN observer

Apr 13, 2011 / 23:08 pm

The chief Vatican representative to the United Nations said that pushing population control methods on underdeveloped countries offends human dignity and ultimately proves ineffective in eradicating global poverty.

Catholic bishops release prayer for Royal Wedding

Apr 8, 2011 / 00:28 am

As excitement builds over the upcoming marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, the Catholic bishops of England and Wales have issued a prayer in honor of the couple.

US bishops urge protection of poor in budget standoff

Apr 7, 2011 / 10:01 am

As lawmakers battle over the nation's budget proposal, the U.S. bishops called for action from Catholic faithful to ensure that cuts don't unfairly target those most in need.

Supreme Court rules in favor of Ariz. religious schools

Apr 5, 2011 / 03:56 am

In what's being lauded as a major victory for parental choice in education, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Arizona residents have a right to claim tax credit for donations to non-profit groups that provide scholarships to religious schools.

EWTN says pulling Fr. Corapi programs respected Church authority

Apr 1, 2011 / 14:11 pm

The Eternal Word Television Network said its decision to halt programming by the popular speaker Fr. John Corapi followed the lead of legitimate Church authority.

Catholic charity mobilizes for Ivory Coast refugees as crisis escalates

Mar 30, 2011 / 22:33 pm

Catholic Relief Service is working to provide immediate aid to over 100,000 refugees who've fled the Ivory Coast amid rising political turmoil in the country.

Despite controversy in NYC, pro-life billboards coming to Chicago

Mar 29, 2011 / 04:15 am

A pro-life group plans to continue their billboard campaign in Chicago after a recent ad was pulled in New York City following complaints.

Pope Benedict chooses two bishops for Detroit archdiocese

Mar 22, 2011 / 10:03 am

Pope Benedict XVI has named two Michigan priests as auxiliary bishops for the Archdiocese of Detroit.

Doctors hope treatment will give Baby Joseph the gift of more time

Mar 22, 2011 / 04:26 am

Doctors who performed a recent procedure on a terminally ill 13 month-old expressed hope that the treatment will provide the baby's family with the “gift of a few more months together.”

Fr. Corapi placed on leave after misconduct accusation

Mar 21, 2011 / 15:58 pm

Popular speaker and author Fr. John Corapi has been placed on administrative leave by superiors within his religious order following recent allegations of misconduct.

CNA launches new 'Catholic Men' column to affirm men in lay vocations

Mar 20, 2011 / 16:25 pm

Catholic News Agency is launching a new online resource, focusing on the experiences and spiritual lives of Catholic men in order to strengthen them in their commitments to marriage, fatherhood, and the single life.

Baby Joseph's struggle a teaching moment on the value of life, says priest

Mar 16, 2011 / 04:09 am

A priest who helped transfer a terminally ill 13-month-old from a Canadian hospital – where his breathing tubes were slated to be removed – said the fight to keep the baby alive is a “teaching moment for our whole culture” on the value of life.  

Catholic psychotherapy conference in Denver to draw 200 participants

Mar 13, 2011 / 17:24 pm

A conference for Catholic workers in the field of psychotherapy is slated to draw nearly 200 people to Denver. The numbers show an “incredible need” for Catholic therapists to network, fellowship and “understand the faith” together, said organizer Dr. Christina Lynch. 

New book connects the Eucharist with its Jewish roots

Mar 12, 2011 / 15:43 pm

Dr. Brant Pitre hopes his new book on the Jewish roots of the Eucharist will help Catholics understand the “great gift” of the sacrament, as well as their privileged role in the “divine drama” of salvation history. 

Philadelphia cardinal places 21 priests on leave following abuse allegations

Mar 8, 2011 / 16:33 pm

Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia has placed 21 priests in the archdiocese on administrative leave, following investigations into a grand jury report that there were credible abuse allegations against the clergy members.

After appeal by faith leaders, House Speaker agrees to defend Marriage Act

Mar 5, 2011 / 05:17 am

Speaker of the House John Boehner agreed March 4 to legally defend the Defense of Marriage Act, after the Obama administration refused to do so. Boehner’s decision came after Catholic and other interfaith leaders urged his involvement.