Marianne Medlin

Marianne Medlin

Marianne is a journalist with a background in writing and Catholic theology. When not elaborating on the cinematic arts, she enjoys spending time with people, reading thick books and traveling anywhere and everywhere.

Articles by Marianne Medlin

Bishop Lennon's leadership of Cleveland diocese being reviewed

Jul 12, 2011 / 20:22 pm

Bishop Richard G. Lennon of Cleveland has asked the Vatican to investigate his decision to shut down dozens of churches in his diocese after some local parishioners reacted strongly to the closures.

Vatican paper's editor calls for ‘info-ethics’ after News of the World scandal

Jul 11, 2011 / 11:57 am

The head of the Vatican paper L'Osservatore Romano says the recent phone hacking scandal involving a British tabloid shows the need for better ethics in the field of journalism.

Beloved Detroit crucifix saved from fire finds new parish home

Jul 10, 2011 / 16:52 pm

A 100 year-old crucifix pulled from a devastating Detroit parish fire in the 1960s is being restored and sent to a new church home in Michigan.

Fr. Corapi responds to some of his order's charges

Jul 9, 2011 / 10:19 am

On July 7, Fr. John Corapi denied he is guilty of some of the charges leveled against him by his religious order. However, his response did not address some of the serious complaints and instead focused on mostly financial and legal concerns.  

After New York’s marriage vote, Archbishop Dolan warns of further redefinition

Jul 8, 2011 / 15:25 pm

After marriage was redefined to include same-sex couples in New York, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan is warning that this step could lead to a further redefinition that accepts multiple partners and infidelity.

Southern California diocese considers buying Crystal Cathedral

Jul 8, 2011 / 01:04 am

The Diocese of Orange says it is potentially interested in buying a 3,000-seat glass church in Southern California that faces bankruptcy. 

New Jersey governor vetoes budget funding for Planned Parenthood

Jul 3, 2011 / 16:08 pm

New Jersey governor Chris Christie stripped $7.5 million in Planned Parenthood and other clinic funding from the state budget on June 30.

Notre Dame seminar explores alternatives to embryonic research

Jun 30, 2011 / 03:46 am

Top medical experts at a University of Notre Dame conference this week are insisting on better alternatives to embryonic stem cells, and pushing for more research in the adult stem cell field.

Rhode Island governor pardons Catholic man executed in 1800s

Jun 30, 2011 / 01:19 am

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee signed an official pardon on June 29 for an Irish Catholic man who was hanged in the state for a crime he didn't commit in 1845.

New efforts challenge Kyrgyzstan's bride kidnapping epidemic

Jun 29, 2011 / 04:13 am

A top human rights advocate hopes that new efforts will end Kyrgyzstan's widespread and violent practice of  “ala-kachuu” or bride kidnapping.

Expert supports Israeli ambassador's praise for Pius XII

Jun 28, 2011 / 04:26 am

An expert on Pope Pius XII expressed support for an Israeli ambassador who faces controversy after publicly praising the World War II pontiff for helping save Jews during the Holocaust.

Cardinal Newman Society announces partnership with Mount St. Mary's

Jun 28, 2011 / 01:29 am

The Cardinal Newman Society announced on Monday that one of its divisions is partnering with Mount St. Mary's University in Maryland. Society leaders expressed hope that the move will foster a renewal in Catholic identity within universities across the nation.

Expert: China's plan to ordain bishops without Pope's approval shows disrespect

Jun 24, 2011 / 01:07 am

The state-controlled Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association sparked intense controversy on June 23 by announcing its intent to ordain up to 40 bishops without the approval of the Pope.

Iraqi sister founding religious order to serve Boston's spiritually poor

Jun 23, 2011 / 04:05 am

Iraqi Sister Olga Yaqob is beginning a women's religious order in the Boston archdiocese this year, to carry out the Church's mission to evangelize.

Archbishop Chaput warns about Catholic institutions losing religious identity

Jun 22, 2011 / 04:09 am

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver warned Catholic social workers against the danger of Church institutions losing their religious identity amidst increasing hostility from the government and society.

Fr. Corapi announces he's leaving the priesthood

Jun 18, 2011 / 11:00 am

In the wake of being suspended over what he claims are unproven allegations, popular speaker Fr. John Corapi announced that after 20 years in ministry, he is leaving the Catholic priesthood.

Archbishop Gomez stresses moral implications of California budget

Jun 18, 2011 / 05:27 am

As debates continue over California's budget, Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles urged lawmakers to give priority to the poor but also warned about the state's large fiscal deficits.

New child protection leader says Church can help society fight sex abuse

Jun 14, 2011 / 00:30 am

The new head of the U.S. bishops' youth protection office said that the Catholic Church has the ability to challenge other groups in society to improve their approach to preventing child sex abuse.

Illinois Catholic Charities suing state over adoption rules

Jun 7, 2011 / 23:21 pm

Catholic Charities offices from three dioceses in Illinois have filed suit against the state after having to shut down their adoption and foster care services following the enactment of the state's civil union law on June 1.

Eden's new book: Saints can help in healing childhood sex abuse wounds

Jun 7, 2011 / 04:00 am

Dawn Eden, a popular Catholic author known for her work on chastity in the modern world, is set to release a new book on the central role of the saints in healing wounds from childhood sexual abuse.