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CNA Staff

The Catholic News Agency (CNA) Staff are a team of journalists dedicated to reporting news concerning the Catholic Church around the world. Our bureaus are located in Denver, Washington, and Rome. We have sister language agencies in Kenya, Germany, Peru, Brazil, and Italy. CNA is a service of EWTN News. You can contact us at with questions.

Articles by CNA Staff

Catholic Church, Jewish community to bring 40,000 Christmas dinners to Mexicans in need

Dec 22, 2022 / 15:15 pm

The Archdiocese of Guadalajara has joined the Jewish community to provide 40,000 Christmas dinners for the poor this Dec. 25 in an initiative called “10,000 Christmases in one.”

Fire breaks out at Our Lady of Aparecida Shrine in Brazil

Dec 22, 2022 / 14:15 pm

According to the Marian shrine, the fire started because a candle had been placed on a pew.

What does it mean to be laicized, defrocked, or dismissed from the clerical state?

Dec 22, 2022 / 06:43 am

Father Frank Pavone was laicized Nov. 9 for “blasphemous communications on social media” and “persistent disobedience of lawful instructions of his diocesan bishop.”

Pope Francis offers five commitments as Christmas approaches

Dec 21, 2022 / 15:40 pm

Pope Francis’ 2021 Angelus message for Advent is worth recalling in the closing days before Christmas this year.

Montreal police prohibited from wearing St. Michael the Archangel insignia

Dec 21, 2022 / 13:30 pm

“We ask you now to kindly remove from your uniforms any crest symbolizing or referring to the Archangel St. Michael, in order to comply with the law.”

Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega: ‘I never had respect for the bishops’

Dec 21, 2022 / 11:27 am

Daniel Ortega once again attacked the Catholic Church, accusing it of “calling for bloodshed,” and said, “I never had respect for the bishops.”

Bishop calls on armed bands to observe a cease-fire for a peaceful Christmas in Colombia

Dec 20, 2022 / 16:45 pm

Bishop Mario Álvarez Gómez of Istmina-Tadó, Colombia, called on the various armed groups in his country to observe a “unilateral cease-fire.”

Archbishop prays that the day will come when no Cuban will have to leave his country

Dec 20, 2022 / 13:15 pm

“Let us pray for our people, ... mainly for immigration, because of which so many families have been separated,” Archbishop Dionisio García said.

Report: Vatican investigator says Father Rupnik and hierarchy’s ‘complicit silence’ ruined victims’ lives

Dec 19, 2022 / 18:30 pm

Bishop Daniele Libanari made the comments in a letter he wrote to Italian priests obtained by the Associated Press.

Knights of Columbus releases moving documentary on Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dec 19, 2022 / 14:15 pm

The Knights of Columbus released “Our Lady of Guadalupe: Woman of the Eucharist” on Dec. 12, the feast of the Patroness of the Americas.

Will Messi keep his promise to the Virgin Mary after winning the World Cup?

Dec 19, 2022 / 12:45 pm

Lionel Messi, 35, played his fifth World Cup wearing Argentina’s jersey and the team became world champion by beating France on Sunday.

How the ‘Posadas’ before Christmas in Mexico originated

Dec 18, 2022 / 07:00 am

In the days before Christmas, the traditional “posadas” are usually celebrated in Mexico, recalling the difficulties Joseph and Mary had in finding a place for Jesus to be born.

Another 140 Spanish laymen, priests martyred for their faith considered for beatification

Dec 16, 2022 / 16:15 pm

The diocesan phase of the beatification processes of 140 priests and laymen murdered in Spain during the religious persecution of the 1930s was concluded today.

Historic 12.5 million pilgrims visit Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine in Mexico

Dec 15, 2022 / 14:30 pm

The Basilica of Guadalupe is the most visited Marian sanctuary in the world and even exceeds the number of pilgrims to Vatican City.

Priest decries lack of religious freedom in Cuba

Dec 15, 2022 / 13:06 pm

Father Alberto Reyes, a priest of the Archdiocese of Camagüey, Cuba, charged in a Dec. 14 Facebook post that there is no religious freedom in the country.

Here’s how a Catholic project is working to eradicate poverty in Argentina

Dec 15, 2022 / 10:00 am

The Akamasoa Argentina project draws its inspiration from the example of Father Pedro Opeka, an Argentine priest who aided hundreds of thousands of Africans.

Jesuit superior says that Fr. Marko Rupnik was excommunicated in 2019

Dec 14, 2022 / 14:46 pm

Jesuit artist Father Marko Rupnik incurred an automatic excommunication in 2019 for absolving a woman he had sex with, the head of the Jesuit order revealed Wednesday.

European Court of Human Rights condemns Bulgaria for discriminating against Christians

Dec 14, 2022 / 07:20 am

The European Court of Human Rights on Tuesday condemned the government of Bulgaria for violating the right to religious freedom of evangelical Christians.

Bishops lament deaths in protests in Peru, call for dialogue to restore peace

Dec 13, 2022 / 17:45 pm

The confrontations began after President Pedro Castillo on Dec. 7 declared a state of emergency, dissolved Congress, and said he would rule by decree.

Bishops in Bolivia call on authorities to act against land seizures

Dec 13, 2022 / 14:30 pm

Archbishop René Leigue Cesarí of Santa Cruz addressed authorities in his Dec. 11 homily, asking them to find a solution to achieve peace and true unity.