CNA Staff

CNA Staff

The Catholic News Agency (CNA) Staff are a team of journalists dedicated to reporting news concerning the Catholic Church around the world. Our bureaus are located in Denver, Washington, and Rome. We have sister language agencies in Kenya, Germany, Peru, Brazil, and Italy. CNA is a service of EWTN News. You can contact us at with questions.

Articles by CNA Staff

How the image of the Virgin of Almudena survived the eighth-century Muslim invasion

Nov 9, 2022 / 17:00 pm

Every Nov. 9, the Church in Spain celebrates the Virgin of Almudena, whose image “hides” a peculiar story that might not be familiar to many.

Hand grenade found among donations to Beatitudes Home in Peru

Nov 9, 2022 / 16:00 pm

Father Omar Sánchez Portillo said the package with the explosive was left last weekend at the collection center in the Miraflores district in Lima.

DeSantis criticized for running ‘God made a fighter ad’ 

Nov 8, 2022 / 04:00 am

Critics mocked the ad for being the “gospel of the Ron DeSantis re-election campaign.”

Bishops urge conversion amid drug gang violence in Ecuador

Nov 7, 2022 / 16:15 pm

Drug trafficking gangs in Ecuador have reacted to the government’s efforts to retake control of the prisons by launching a series of attacks.

Pope Francis: ‘We have to keep fighting for women’s equality’

Nov 6, 2022 / 10:00 am

Returning from Bahrain, the pope was asked if he supports the efforts of women and young people in Iran to fight for more freedom.

Priest laments state of apparition site of Our Lady of Fatima in Spain

Nov 4, 2022 / 17:00 pm

While progress has been made on the restoration of the shrie, Spanish Father Javier Siegrist noted that “it’s still insufficient and much aid is needed.”

Prohibiting Nativity scenes in Mexico would be an ‘attack’ on religious freedom, group says

Nov 3, 2022 / 18:00 pm

The National Front for the Family said prohibiting Nativity scenes on public property in Mexico would be “an enormous absurdity.”

Shortage of wheat flour means no more Communion hosts in Cuba

Nov 3, 2022 / 15:02 pm

“We have been working with the little flour that was left and what was in reserve has already run out,” the Carmelite nuns in Havana who make the hosts said.

Spanish bishop prays in front of abortion clinic on All Souls’ Day despite oppressive law

Nov 3, 2022 / 14:00 pm

Bishop José Ignacio Munilla of Orihuela-Alicante, Spain, joined the 40 Days for Life campaign Nov. 2 in front of an abortion facility.

ADF calls on human rights commission to defend religious freedom in Mexico and Nicaragua

Nov 1, 2022 / 17:15 pm

“Latin America is currently experiencing a surge of human rights abuses in the area of religious freedom,” stated Tomás Henriquez, ADF International’s director of advocacy for Latin America.

Catholics take to the streets to pray for peace in Bolivia

Nov 1, 2022 / 13:25 pm

The Catholic community prayed for peace while in the Santa Cruz region an indefinite strike continued over the date for the census to be taken.

Colombia celebrates beatification of María Berenice Duque, foundress of three congregations

Oct 31, 2022 / 14:00 pm

Mother María Berenice Duque Hencker, a Colombian nun who founded religious congregations, was beatified in Medellín on Oct. 29.

President of Portugal registers for World Youth Day 2023: Here’s how you can participate

Oct 31, 2022 / 13:10 pm

According to President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the event “will be the largest collective meeting ever in Portugal.”

Archbishop Gomez condemns violence, prays for Paul Pelosi after attack

Oct 29, 2022 / 01:55 am

“I am deeply grieved over this violence,” USCCB President José Gomez said late Friday.

The beautiful story behind the red dress many women wore to a martyr’s beatification Mass

Oct 28, 2022 / 16:00 pm

Earlier this week a large number of women surprised the world by wearing a red dress with white polka dots at the beatification Mass of the “heroine of chastity.”

Pope Francis highlights the courage of Argentine dwarf soccer players

Oct 28, 2022 / 07:05 am

On Wednesday morning Pope Francis received the dwarf Argentine soccer team in an audience, encouraging them to continue with courage and to be themselves.

Arlington bishop condemns Biden’s abortion agenda

Oct 27, 2022 / 18:00 pm

Bishop Michael Burbidge has denounced President Joe Biden’s stated intention to codify a national right to abortion should Democrats win control of Congress.

‘Heroine of chastity’ adolescent Benigna Cardoso is beatified

Oct 27, 2022 / 15:00 pm

The beatification of Brazilian Benigna Cardoso da Silva, known as the “heroine of chastity” for dying defending her purity at age 13, was celebrated Oct. 24.

Catholic Church in England and Wales will ‘carefully study’ abuse report recommendations

Oct 27, 2022 / 03:30 am

The Catholic Church in England and Wales has said it will “carefully study” the contents of a national report concerning sexual abuse.

Russia is ‘willing’ to speak with Pope Francis about the war in Ukraine

Oct 26, 2022 / 13:33 pm

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov said his government is willing to talk with Pope Francis, the U.S., and France to find a solution to the war in Ukraine.