Elise Harris

Elise Harris

Elise Harris is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a bachelors degree in philosophy.

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Vatican composer seeks to portray Bible through music

Nov 18, 2013 / 05:32 am

A well-known composer and professor in Rome has revealed his goal of depicting the Bible through musical composition, stressing that it is an important avenue of evangelization.

Pope Francis cancels meetings due to having a cold

Nov 15, 2013 / 09:55 am

It was announced earlier today that Pope Francis cancelled all of his morning meetings due to a cold, but still presided over a scheduled Mass in which he ordained a bishop in the afternoon.

Bishops' pilgrimage to Marian shrine seeks to foster unity

Nov 15, 2013 / 07:36 am

Numerous clergy and lay people from across the world will gather together at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe to discuss common concerns, and to help forge stronger bonds between continents.

Pope Francis: Kingdom of God 'comes by wisdom'

Nov 14, 2013 / 05:07 am

In his daily homily, Pope Francis warned against the ‘spirit of curiosity’ which can lead us away from God, stating that it is only through the spirit of wisdom that we are able to be close to him.

Pope Francis most popular name online, survey says

Nov 13, 2013 / 11:42 am

A new global survey has revealed that Pope Francis has topped the list of names most mentioned on the internet so far this year, with his twitter account also receiving a high ranking on a list of most mentioned words.

Baptism is a 'bath of regeneration,' says Pope

Nov 13, 2013 / 07:09 am

During his general audience, Pope Francis devoted his reflections to the sacrament of Baptism, stating that it opens the door a journey of faith, and helps to sustain us along the way.

Pope Francis: the hands of God are 'blistered by love'

Nov 12, 2013 / 10:59 am

In his daily homily Pope Francis recalled how God formed man with his own hand, emphasizing that he is a father who seeks to console his children rather than hurt them.

Costa Rica ambassador praises 'paternal' heart of Pope Francis

Nov 12, 2013 / 09:25 am

The Costa Rican ambassador to Italy praised Pope Francis for his example and attention to the poor, speaking also of the many visible fruits in the country's relationship with the pontiff.

Rome sabbatical aims to renew priests through prayer, formation

Nov 11, 2013 / 06:04 am

A special sabbatical program invites priests to come to the Eternal City to rest and receive classes on topics relevant in the Church today in order to give new ardor to their pastoral ministry.

Year of Faith to be marked by exposition of St. Peter relics

Nov 8, 2013 / 10:53 am

A Vatican official announced that in anticipation of the close of the Year of Faith, the relics of the first Bishop of Rome will be exposed with the aim of re-awakening the faith of the first Christians.

Pope warns against 'unclean bread' of corruption

Nov 8, 2013 / 09:38 am

During his daily Mass, Pope Francis cautioned those present to be aware the dangers of bribery, stating that those who are dishonest in their work deprive themselves of dignity.

God is one who searches for the lost, Pope Francis says

Nov 7, 2013 / 11:28 am

In his daily homily Pope Francis reflected on the parables of the lost sheep and coin from the day’s readings, stressing that God has a special love for sinners who are lost.

Centuries later, Bernini's angels captivate amid restoration

Nov 7, 2013 / 11:08 am

Artists restoring key sculptures in the Vatican Museums, including some by famed Italian Gian Lorenzo Bernini, stress that the figures are rich in history and treasures in a “throw-away” culture.

Themes for upcoming World Youth Days announced

Nov 7, 2013 / 09:20 am

Earlier today it was disclosed that Pope Francis has decided on the themes of the next three World Youth Days, which will mark a spiritual preparation for the international event to be held in Krakow in 2016.

New book aims to re-kindle biblical meditation

Nov 6, 2013 / 09:37 am

The American Bible Society has released a new study guide on how to pray Lectio Divina with the hope that the manual’s readers will obtain a deeper appreciation for the Word of God.

Charity is the 'greatest richness' of Church, says Pope

Nov 6, 2013 / 05:58 am

During his general audience today, Pope Francis reflected on the importance of participating in the Church’s spiritual goods in order to grow closer to God as a community in charity.

Vatican releases preparatory document for synod on family

Nov 5, 2013 / 08:57 am

At a press conference Tuesday, the Vatican released the official preparatory document on the upcoming synod of bishops on the family, revealing key topics of the meeting's discussion will focus on.

Musician blends Tango, classic styles in Mass composition

Nov 5, 2013 / 07:30 am

At a festival in Rome, an Argentinian composer noted the need for sacred music in modern society and spoke of a Mass he wrote honoring his country which draws from both classical and Tango traditions.

Pope: our strength, hope is in the mercy of God

Nov 5, 2013 / 00:10 am

At a special Mass honoring all of the bishops and cardinals who have died during the past year, Pope Francis emphasized that nothing can separate us from the love of our merciful God.  

Women uniquely understand 'truth of man,' philosopher says

Nov 4, 2013 / 08:06 am

In light of Pope Francis’ call for a deeper theology of women, a leading Italian philosopher spoke of the importance of Edith Stein’s writings on gender, stressing that she extracts the essence of human sexuality.