Elise Harris

Elise Harris

Elise Harris is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a bachelors degree in philosophy.

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A Church without joy is unimaginable, Pope Francis says

Dec 3, 2013 / 06:07 am

The Pope focused his daily homily this morning on the themes of joy and peace, emphasizing that our God “is joyful,” and that the Church’s mission of transmitting this joy to others brings authentic peace.

Christmas is more than a 'temporal celebration,' Pope reflects

Dec 2, 2013 / 11:45 am

In his daily homily on the first Monday of Advent, Pope Francis reflected on the season of Christmas, explaining that it is a time to encounter the Lord in faith, and allow him to renew our lives.

Pope Francis' December prayers, nativity scene plans revealed

Dec 2, 2013 / 11:24 am

Pope Francis is bringing this year to a close by offering special prayers during the month of December for children who are victims of violence, and imploring Christians to prepare for the coming of Christ.

Pope Francis: Use intelligence to understand signs of the times

Nov 29, 2013 / 09:41 am

During his daily Mass, Pope Francis spoke of the importance of man's intellect in understanding the Lord, and cautioned those present against “restricted” thought which keeps us focused on ourselves.

Vatican launches healthcare initiative for Syrian refugee children

Nov 29, 2013 / 06:31 am

The Pontifical Council “Cor Unum” has collaborated with other Catholic organizations in order to arrange a special mission which will provide basic medicines needed for the care of refugee children in Lebanon.

End times will bring greater persecution to Christians, Pope says

Nov 28, 2013 / 10:34 am

In his daily homily Pope Francis reflected on the end times, saying that faith will be increasingly pushed out of the public square and that persecution of Christians is a “prophecy” of what is to come.

Vatican astronomer: science opens the door to dialogue

Nov 28, 2013 / 06:22 am

A leading astronomer in the Vatican Observatory stated that the study of science provides a unique forum to discuss man’s deep and existential questions about the origins and meaning of life.

Fruits of the Year of Faith just beginning, cardinal says

Nov 27, 2013 / 15:31 pm

Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto reflected at the close of the Year of Faith that many visible fruits can already been seen, but that the true depth of these will not be known until coming years.

Pope warns of a 'trivialized' vision of death without hope

Nov 27, 2013 / 08:08 am

During his general audience, Pope Francis spoke on the meaning of Christian death, emphasizing that the resurrection of Jesus gives it light, and cautioning against worldly ideas which can overcome us.

Pope's document hailed as reshaping modern evangelization

Nov 26, 2013 / 13:18 pm

In his first apostolic exhortation, the uncommonly simple terminology of Pope Francis brings a fresh approach to the new evangelization, also giving a decisive direction to the Church’s mission, say Vatican officials.

Doctor warns that religious identity in healthcare at risk

Nov 26, 2013 / 04:11 am

The president of the leading Catholic healthcare system in the U.S. has revealed that the requirements of the HHS mandate are a great threat to the company’s ability to continue serving those most in need.

Pope lauds courageous choices of modern martyrs

Nov 25, 2013 / 10:01 am

In his daily homily, Pope Francis spoke of the faithfulness of God, highlighting the importance of trusting him with one’s life, and praising those who maintain this trust despite grave persecutions.

Pope: adoration 'most important point' of faith communities

Nov 22, 2013 / 10:56 am

In his daily Mass homily Pope Francis reflected on the many reasons that we gather together to pray, noting that of all of these, the praise and worship of God should take priority over everything else.

Doctor warns of 'utilitarian' anthropology in care of elderly

Nov 22, 2013 / 05:41 am

During a conference for health care workers, a Swiss doctor spoke of the world’s increasing elderly population, noting the importance of upholding human dignity in the treatment of common diseases.

Eastern Patriarchs 'watchful guardians' of unity, Pope says

Nov 21, 2013 / 08:23 am

Pope Francis spoke with Patriarchs of various Oriental Churches during a four day gathering in Rome, stating that it is their task to help foster unity in the Church, and to remember the persecuted.

Google maps launch virtual tour of Roman catacombs

Nov 21, 2013 / 02:02 am

The internet's largest search engine has created a digital map of two large catacombs in Rome, hoping to expose users to the historical sites' beauty and spark curiosity to learn more about them.

Church is 'depository' of God’s forgiveness, Pope says

Nov 20, 2013 / 05:44 am

In his weekly general audience, Pope Francis spoke about the power Jesus gave the apostles to forgive sins in his name, stating that priest’s should exercise this ministry with “humility.”

Conference leaders hone in on immigration, human trafficking issues

Nov 19, 2013 / 05:23 am

During a recent gathering, instructors of U.S. Catholic Conferences came together in Rome to discuss the most pressing issues they face, immigration and human trafficking being the top two.

Pope warns against dangers of 'adolescent progressivism'

Nov 18, 2013 / 14:58 pm

In his daily homily Pope Francis cautioned against modern society's push for a unified secular ideology, saying that this does not create positive globalization but rather an “adolescent progressivism.” 

Pope Francis to release first apostolic exhortation

Nov 18, 2013 / 10:38 am

The Vatican announced today that Pope Francis will officially deliver his first post-synodal apostolic exhortation to coincide with the end of the Year of Faith.