Kevin J. Jones

Kevin J. Jones

Kevin J. Jones is a senior staff writer with Catholic News Agency. He was a recipient of a 2014 Catholic Relief Services' Egan Journalism Fellowship.

Articles by Kevin J. Jones

Mt. Soledad memorial cross is prohibited endorsement of religion, federal court says

Jan 6, 2011 / 04:05 am

The Mount Soledad Memorial Cross is unconstitutional because it conveys the message of “state-endorsed religion,” a federal appeals court ruled on Jan. 4.

Vatican’s global importance evident in leaked cables

Dec 14, 2010 / 03:52 am

Leaked State Department cables are giving insight into the Vatican’s influential role on the world stage and the United States’ efforts to cooperate with the Holy See in advancing common interests.  

Court case and congressional inaction put embryonic stem cell research in limbo

Dec 10, 2010 / 03:11 am

The fate of federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research remains in question as a federal appellate panel considers its legality. Pro-life leaders have backed broad restrictions on the funding, saying congressional inaction is due both to uncertainty and to the success of adult stem cell research.

US Vatican Embassy condemns ‘harmful’ WikiLeaks

Dec 3, 2010 / 14:55 pm

The U.S. Embassy to the Holy See has condemned “in the strongest terms” the unauthorized disclosure of State Department cables possessed by WikiLeaks. Disclosure of the cables’ contents could be harmful to individuals and international relations, the embassy said in response to questions from CNA.

WikiLeaks' Vatican cables involve national security, intelligence and religious freedom issues

Dec 2, 2010 / 13:43 pm

The ongoing WikiLeaks “Cablegate” project could result in the release of more than 800 U.S. diplomatic cables involving the Vatican.

Catholic League nativity sets find positive response from state governors

Dec 1, 2010 / 03:55 am

The Catholic League recently sent nativity scenes of the Holy Family to the 50 governors of the United States.  So far, the group says, the responses received have been “overwhelmingly” positive.

Pro-family leaders warn that ‘hate group’ label defines Christianity as bigotry

Nov 30, 2010 / 22:41 pm

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s classification of pro-family groups as hate groups is the “next phase” of a gay rights movement which seeks to redefine Christianity as bigotry and to shut down honest debate, pro-family leaders warned.

Charities work to address joblessness as Thanksgiving nears

Nov 24, 2010 / 06:11 am

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, unemployment and the need for Catholic Charities persists.

Catholic thinkers examine Tea Party movement and Church teaching

Nov 23, 2010 / 03:51 am

This past election season “Tea Party” rallies were held around the country to protest government policy or to call for a new direction for the country. The movement even showed some substantial political clout at the ballot box. But is the movement compatible with Catholic social teaching?

US Army chaplain says deployed troops take comfort from prayer

Nov 11, 2010 / 11:36 am

Confronting one's own mortality on a daily basis can be overwhelming, but deployed servicemen take comfort and strength from prayers offered on the home front, according to Army chaplain Father Brian Kane.

New wave of attacks targets homes of Iraqi Christians

Nov 10, 2010 / 12:05 pm

Coordinated anti-Christian attacks in Baghdad killed at least three and injured several dozen on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Mourning the deliberate targeting of Christians, Iraqi prelates said that the attacks “have come to our doorstep” and charged the government with doing nothing to stop the violence.

Assisted suicide promoter preys on fearful and abandoned, opponent says

Nov 10, 2010 / 03:50 am

The prospect of a television ad promoting assisted suicide is causing a stir in New Zealand. One anti-euthanasia advocate is arguing that the doctor behind the ad is preying on the depressed and the mentally troubled.

Theologian consultant named for Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Nov 10, 2010 / 01:16 am

Fr. Daniel Mindling, OFM, Cap., will serve as the new consulting theologian for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. The move comes in response to a review of the campaign, whose choices of grantees have been criticized.

Pro-life leaders reflect on gains in Congress, fallout from health care law

Nov 5, 2010 / 04:01 am

Pro-life Republican gains in Congress are “substantial” and are likely due to the Catholic vote, according to two pro-life leaders. However, a pro-life Democrat lamented her caucus’ losses, noting the need for reconciliation with the Catholic Church after a tough political fight over health care legislation.

Pro-life Republicans make significant gains in midterm election

Nov 3, 2010 / 14:17 pm

As Catholic voters appeared to break for Republican candidates, Election Day 2010 changed the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives, several governorships and Senate seats.

Chaplains opposed to 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell' repeal coming under pressure

Nov 3, 2010 / 04:13 am

A federal court has again reinstated the U.S. military’s policy against open homosexuals in service. While military chaplains are “hopeful” the policy will stay in place, some have been told they should “just get out” if the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy is repealed.

Pro-life advocates help prevent forced abortion in Austin

Nov 2, 2010 / 04:10 am

After a temporary restraining order, the parents of a 16-year-old girl in Texas have agreed not to force their daughter to have an abortion against her will. Sidewalk counselors saw the violent coercion in progress and called police.