Kevin J. Jones

Kevin J. Jones

Kevin J. Jones is a senior staff writer with Catholic News Agency. He was a recipient of a 2014 Catholic Relief Services' Egan Journalism Fellowship.

Articles by Kevin J. Jones

With ‘sorrow and gratitude,’ USCCB president reflects on the death and legacy of Benedict XVI

Dec 31, 2022 / 10:45 am

Benedict XVI helped lead the Church to “a more profound love of truth and the mystery of God,” Archbishop Timothy Broglio said Saturday.

After Michigan Supreme Court redefines ‘sex,’ Catholic school lawsuit warns of broad impact

Dec 30, 2022 / 14:55 pm

In July, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that sexual orientation and gender identity were protected categories under a 1976 Michigan anti-discrimination law.

Catholic bishop, priest released after two months in Eritrea prison

Dec 29, 2022 / 16:00 pm

Security agents had arrested Bishop Tsalim and two priests Oct. 15 at Asmara International Airport upon the bishop’s arrival from Europe.

The 8 days of Christmas? A look at the Christmas octave

Dec 25, 2022 / 08:00 am

The Church’s Western liturgical tradition sees Christmas as an octave, an eight-day celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

A double Christmas for Ukrainian Christians? Orthodox Church opens a door

Dec 22, 2022 / 10:45 am

Traditionally, Christmas in predominantly Orthodox Ukraine comes on Jan. 7. But some of Ukraine’s Orthodox Christians can now add Dec. 25 to the festivities.

Former bishop of French Guyana guilty of sex abuse, Vatican court says

Dec 20, 2022 / 15:45 pm

Bishop Emeritus Emmanuel Lafont of Cayenne, French Guyana, has been found guilty of sexual abuse in a canonical court and banned from public ministry.

Claims of phony Vatican art licensing ‘scheme’ draw strong denials

Dec 20, 2022 / 11:31 am

An Italian publishing house involved in immersive art exhibitions has denied an American attorney’s claim that it is wrongly presenting itself as a broker for licensing the use of Vatican art.

Cardinal Ouellet sues for defamation over accusations of sexual assault

Dec 13, 2022 / 16:50 pm

Cardinal Marc Ouellet has filed a defamation lawsuit in Quebec courts contending that a woman wrongly accused him of sexual assault.

Hungry, poor, and disabled Canadians seeking assisted suicide

Dec 13, 2022 / 16:15 pm

Food banks in Canada are reporting that clients are considering assisted suicide as they face financial insecurity.

Biden’s transgender mandate suffers second big loss in appellate court

Dec 9, 2022 / 17:15 pm

The Biden administration may not force Catholic organizations and medical professionals to perform gender-transition surgeries or provide insurance coverage for them.

Media reaction to Club Q shooting scapegoated religion, Denver archbishop says

Dec 9, 2022 / 17:00 pm

The “unmitigated tragedy” of a mass shooting at a Colorado Springs gay nightclub prompted “irresponsible” press coverage, Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver said.

In post-Roe Colorado, could a city ordinance keep out a late-term abortionist?

Dec 9, 2022 / 11:05 am

The proposal comes after news that late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart seeks to open an abortion clinic in Pueblo, Colorado.

UK Supreme Court rules in favor of banning prayer, protests at abortion clinics

Dec 7, 2022 / 17:00 pm

The law prohibits “direct” and “indirect” pro-life “influence,” broadly defined, within 100 meters (about 328 feet) of an abortion provider.

U.S. Catholic population shows growth, trends southward

Dec 6, 2022 / 12:00 pm

With nearly 62 million people, Catholics make up the largest religious body in 36 U.S. states.

Who’s behind those ‘He Gets Us’ ads about Jesus?

Dec 5, 2022 / 13:30 pm

With a $100 million price tag and planned Super Bowl spots, He Gets Us is an initiative of a nondenominational Christian nonprofit.

Arson at Colorado pregnancy center still unsolved; FBI offers major reward for leads

Dec 1, 2022 / 14:40 pm

Longmont Police Chief Jeff Satur told a Wednesday press conference that investigators have few leads.

England and Wales no longer Christian ‘by default,’ census shows

Dec 1, 2022 / 11:00 am

The latest census shows Christians there are now a minority, while the number of people who have no religious affiliation continues to grow.

Remembering the hundreds of thousands of Christians martyred in Vietnam 

Nov 24, 2022 / 10:00 am

From 1630 to 1886, somewhere between 130,000 and 300,000 Christians faced martyrdom in Vietnam, often after being held captive and brutally tortured.

Federal same-sex marriage bill still needs religious freedom fixes, bishops say

Nov 23, 2022 / 17:47 pm

A pending same-sex marriage bill would "betray our country’s commitment to the fundamental right of religious liberty,” Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Bishop Robert Barron say.

Philly archbishop to head Catholic Relief Services board of directors

Nov 22, 2022 / 16:30 pm

The three-year appointment is one of the first official acts of Archbishop Timothy Broglio, the new president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.