Adelaide Mena

Adelaide Mena

Adelaide Mena was the DC Correspondent for Catholic News Agency until 2017 and is a 2012 graduate of Princeton University.

Articles by Adelaide Mena

Human dignity, Church teaching emphasized amid Boy Scout decision

May 26, 2013 / 11:04 am

Responding to the Boy Scouts’ decision to allow openly gay members, U.S. Catholic Scouting groups called for loving respect towards all people, while reiterating the need to proclaim Church teaching on sexuality.

Western culture 'lost God' through demise of family

May 24, 2013 / 01:03 am

Scholar Mary Eberstadt says most theories of secularization do not take into account the role of the family in religious practice, noting how its demise is critically linked to an increasingly secular West.

US bishops ask government to reassess drone policy

May 22, 2013 / 16:03 pm

In letters to top government officials, the U.S. bishops' conference urged a public discussion on the use of unmanned targeted killings, also known as drones, and their moral implications.

Church, political leaders extend prayers to Oklahoma victims

May 21, 2013 / 16:05 pm

Following a devastating tornado in Oklahoma on May 20, Church leaders and national figures from the offered their prayers and condolences for those affected by the disaster.

International religious freedom report notes persecution

May 20, 2013 / 16:05 pm

Secretary of State John Kerry released on May 20 the annual International Religious Freedom Report for 2012, which documents violence and persecution towards global religious minorities.

Catholic Charities USA laments food assistance cuts

May 18, 2013 / 15:03 pm

Catholic Charities USA and other agencies across the country harshly criticized a $21 billion cut to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program included in the Farm Bill introduced recently to Congress.

Britain urged to investigate murder of Irish human rights champion

May 16, 2013 / 01:13 am

Witnesses and congressmen at a U.S. hearing renewed a call to the British government to launch a public inquiry into the 1989 murder of Northern Irish human rights leader Patrick Finucane.

State Department asked to aid Chen Guangcheng's nephew

May 15, 2013 / 16:04 pm

A bipartisan coalition of Congress members has sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, calling for government action to protect the family members of Chinese pro-life leader Chen Guangcheng.

Vatican II helped the world 'see Jesus,' says cardinal

May 14, 2013 / 23:11 pm

Cardinal Justin F. Rigali, archbishop emeritus of Philadelphia, said that the five Popes involved in the Second Vatican Council shared a common vision of protecting and spreading the Catholic faith. 

Minn. redefines marriage despite religious freedom warnings

May 14, 2013 / 16:04 pm

The state of Minnesota has redefined marriage to include same-sex couples despite concerns over social wellbeing and religious liberty raised by Catholics and other faith leaders. 

Catholic groups say agriculture laws should aid poor, farmers

May 13, 2013 / 23:09 pm

Leaders of several prominent Catholic institutions asked members of Congress to provide for the hungry, protect the interests of farmers and promote environmental stewardship with the 2013 Farm Bill.

Marriage is critical for cultural evangelization, bishop stresses

May 10, 2013 / 16:08 pm

The love of a married couple offers a crucial witness needed for evangelization in the modern world, said Bishop Michael J. Sheridan of Colorado Springs in a recent Washington, D.C., talk.

Boston cardinal to boycott graduation over honors to Irish official

May 10, 2013 / 15:45 pm

Cardinal Séan O'Malley announced that he would not attend the commencement of Boston College due to an honorary degree Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny will receive at graduation.

Law professor says Christian sexual ethics will help poor

May 10, 2013 / 13:06 pm

George Mason University law professor Helen Alvare challenged Catholics to courageously witness to the truth of the Church’s sexual teaching, because doing so will aid the poor.

Celebrated abortionist draws fire after undercover film

May 10, 2013 / 03:08 am

New footage by an undercover investigative group shows a prominent late-term abortionist joking about the abortion procedure and telling women not to seek emergency care if something were to go wrong.

US bishops oppose re-routing of Israel-Palestine separation wall

May 8, 2013 / 16:25 pm

The U.S. bishops have criticized an Israeli plan to re-route a separation wall through the Cremisan Valley in the West Bank, claiming such a move would harm both Christian families and religious orders.

HHS appeal withdrawal gives temporary relief to Bible publisher

May 7, 2013 / 16:00 pm

An Illinois-based Bible publisher has secured temporary relief from the federal contraception mandate after the Obama administration asked an appellate court to dismiss its challenge to a preliminary injunction.

Congressman calls attention to human trafficking in US

May 6, 2013 / 17:03 pm

In a recent Virginia forum, U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) highlighted the largely unknown problem of human trafficking within the United States, offering suggestions for how to fight “modern day slavery.”  

US bishops promote rule banning Congo militia funding

May 6, 2013 / 16:38 pm

The U.S. bishops have reiterated their support for a federal regulation that would block American investments from supporting militias in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Global report warns of 'dire' religious freedom plight

May 4, 2013 / 15:11 pm

A recent report on international religious liberty cautioned that severe threats to freedom of religion exist in diverse communities through the world and should be discouraged through actions by the U.S. government.