Adelaide Mena

Adelaide Mena

Adelaide Mena was the DC Correspondent for Catholic News Agency until 2017 and is a 2012 graduate of Princeton University.

Articles by Adelaide Mena

Syrian refugees find support from Catholic Relief Services

Sep 10, 2013 / 16:43 pm

Unable to enter refugee camps run by the United Nations, many Syrians fleeing from violence in their home country have found basic necessities and ongoing support from Catholic Relief Services in nearby Lebanon.

DC cardinal highlights role of prayer in Syria resolution

Sep 9, 2013 / 16:22 pm

Joining in a global day of prayer for peace in Syria, Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl of Washington, D.C., urged Catholics to stand strong in their faith despite the threat of violence and evil in the world.

College network seeks to change campus debate on sex

Sep 8, 2013 / 15:12 pm

As college students around the country kick off a new school year, one national organization is working to change prevailing campus attitudes that accept casual sexual encounters as the norm.

War crimes tribunal suggested as alternative to strike on Syria

Sep 6, 2013 / 16:05 pm

A ranking member of the U.S. House has proposed a war crimes tribunal as an alternative to military intervention in Syria so that perpetrators can be held accountable for the use of chemical weapons.

US bishops join Pope in urging Sept. 7 prayer, fasting for Syria

Sep 4, 2013 / 15:48 pm

The U.S. bishops are encouraging Catholics in the country and all those concerned about ongoing violence in Syria to join with Pope Francis in a worldwide Day of Fasting and Prayer for Peace.

Melkite leader says attacks on Syria would worsen situation

Sep 4, 2013 / 00:15 am

The leader of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church has argued that despite reported chemical attacks in Syria, foreign military intervention is a destructive option that will only worsen the situation.

Okla. 'thrill kill' denounced as rejection of human dignity

Sep 3, 2013 / 17:27 pm

A recent alleged “thrill kill” in Oklahoma reveals a blatant lack of respect for the dignity of human life that is present in modern Western culture, said an officer from a global youth organization.

Secretary Kerry asks Iran to release American pastor

Sep 1, 2013 / 06:11 am

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has renewed calls for the Iranian government to release American citizen Saeed Abedini, a Christian pastor serving an eight-year sentence on religion-related charges.

China one-child policy denounced as violating women's rights

Aug 31, 2013 / 15:14 pm

As stories of forced abortions continue to surface in China, a women’s rights activist is arguing that the nation’s one-child policy has widespread negative effects on the society, particularly its women.

US weighs military action in Syria as bishops call for dialogue

Aug 30, 2013 / 16:12 pm

Top U.S. officials say they are still considering a “narrow” military response to the reported use of chemical weapons in Syria, as a representative of the U.S. bishops urges negotiations aimed at peace.

Crowds in DC urged to continue work of Martin Luther King

Aug 28, 2013 / 16:50 pm

Thousands of people gathered in downtown Washington, D.C., on Aug. 28 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s now-famous “I Have a Dream Speech.”

Iran rejects appeal from imprisoned US pastor

Aug 28, 2013 / 03:08 am

Calls for U.S. action continue after an Iranian court rejected an appeal from Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, an American citizen imprisoned in Iran for his religious work in the country.

Bishop highlights link between religious liberty, natural law

Aug 27, 2013 / 23:00 pm

Bishop Robert C. Morlino of Madison, Wis., implored Catholics to speak up for religious freedom and for truth after explaining the link between the two at a lecture in Arlington, Va., on Aug. 23.

Scholars say Copts leaving Egypt face challenges of identity

Aug 26, 2013 / 16:32 pm

Coptic Christians must turn to their centuries-long history of overcoming obstacles as they seek to maintain their identity while fleeing violence amid Egyptian upheaval, scholars said at a recent event.

Protest over Egypt violence draws hundreds to nation's capital

Aug 23, 2013 / 16:34 pm

Hundreds of Egyptian Christians and Muslims gathered in Washington. D.C., on Aug. 22 to protest acts of terror directed against minorities – particularly Coptic Christians – in Egypt.

Quest for ethical stem cells prompts moral questions

Aug 23, 2013 / 03:13 am

The first human trials for the treatment of blindness using induced pluripotent stem cells has brought the hope of creating stem cell therapies that do not rely upon destroy embryos back in the public eye.

Senate bill would aid religious minorities in Middle East

Aug 22, 2013 / 16:49 pm

Amid ongoing attacks against Coptic Christians in Egypt, a U.S. Senator has introduced legislation aimed at protecting the rights of religious minorities in the Middle East.

Despite rise of 'nones,' religious belief still strong in the US

Aug 20, 2013 / 16:34 pm

An increase in the number of religiously unaffiliated in the U.S. does not necessarily mean that the country is growing significantly more secular, said experts at a recent panel.

Pro-life petition could spark European legislation, debate

Aug 20, 2013 / 01:24 am

A citizen-led initiative in Europe is nearing the one million signatures needed to prompt a discussion on human life and push for an end to funding of abortion and embryo-destroying research. 

Romania implored to return Communist-seized churches

Aug 16, 2013 / 03:01 am

A group of 20 U.S. lawmakers is pushing the State department to encourage Romania's government to return property confiscated from minority religious groups under the former communist regime.