Perry West

Perry West

Perry West is a staff writer for Catholic News Agency. He graduated from Franciscan University with his bachelor's in English. Prior to his job at CNA, he worked in construction staffing and coffee.

Articles by Perry West

Little Rock diocese welcomes Roe-triggered abortion ban in Arkansas

Feb 22, 2019 / 11:03 am

The Diocese of Little Rock has said that a law signed Tuesday banning abortion in Arkansas in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned is a step toward a future without the procedure.

Catholic Charities unveils plan to fight chronic homelessness in Southern Nevada

Feb 17, 2019 / 16:48 pm

As part of a new nationwide program, Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada is hoping to reduce chronic homelessness in the area by 20 percent in the next five years.

Michigan Catholic schools find formula to boost enrollment

Feb 1, 2019 / 03:28 am

As Catholic schools in many areas of the country struggle to keep attendance up, one Michigan diocese has enjoyed a significant boost in enrollment, after the local bishop introduced a plan to prioritize Catholic education.

Indiana Catholic school opens 'adoration club'

Jan 17, 2019 / 16:15 pm

It’s not unusual for a school to offer an after school drama or Spanish club. Some schools even offer a robotics club. But few schools offer a club dedicated to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Across the US, organizers prepare for pro-life marches

Jan 11, 2019 / 03:29 am

Thousands of pro-life advocates will rally this month in major cities throughout the country, marking the anniversary of the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that mandated legal abortion in the U.S.

How this Episcopalian’s own book convinced him to become Catholic

Jan 3, 2019 / 10:00 am

An Episcopalian priest set out to write a book on finding and understanding the Gospel’s truth. Now, after he and his family have converted to Catholicism, has says they have found it.

Why robot brothels are not the solution to America's STD crisis

Dec 31, 2018 / 04:08 am

With several sexually transmitted diseases reaching an all-time high in the U.S., could sex robots be the answer? Catholics leaders say no, because the alleged benefits of “sexbots” will never outweigh the harms inflicted upon the person and authentic human sexuality.

DC Knights of Columbus respond to senators' criticism

Dec 26, 2018 / 15:00 pm

A Washington, DC council of the Knights of Columbus has invited two U.S. senators to join them in charitable service, after those senators objected to a federal judicial nominee's membership in the organization.

Pennsylvania diocese opening faith-based addiction recovery high school

Dec 17, 2018 / 03:34 am

The Diocese of Allentown, Pennsylvania, is opening a drug and alcohol recovery high school for students, combining education, counseling, and faith in promoting healing.

The cycle of porn and loneliness

Dec 16, 2018 / 16:46 pm

Andy*, a devout Catholic and recently married man in his twenties, encountered a vicious cycle of pornography in high school and some college – a cycle of porn and loneliness.  

For homeless students in New York City, challenges abound

Dec 13, 2018 / 03:21 am

As rent prices increase in New York City, so does its homeless population, affecting not only adults throughout the city but children as well. 

How one diocese is inviting people back to the Church this Christmas

Dec 6, 2018 / 00:54 am

As part of a recent evangelization outreach, the Archdiocese of Detroit is launching a Christmas campaign to welcome Catholics who may have been away from the Church.

Starbucks and Tumblr to block porn

Dec 3, 2018 / 17:16 pm

Coffee giant Starbucks and microblogging website Tumblr have each announced they will be taking steps to prevent the online access of pornography.

Iowa prisoners sue to get their pornography back

Nov 30, 2018 / 18:03 pm

Dozens of Iowa inmates have filed a lawsuit challenging a ban on pornography which has affected the state’s prisons in recent weeks.

New documentary shows individual, societal threat of pornography

Nov 25, 2018 / 16:46 pm

The non-profit group Fight the New Drug has released a three-part documentary to raise a greater awareness of the damage caused by pornography.

Harvard students hold Catholic Sex Week to explain Church teaching

Nov 15, 2018 / 00:27 am

After Sex Week at Harvard University this year, the Catholic Student Association hosted a series of talks designed to offer insight on the Catholic understanding of sexuality.

‘Whispered in the dark’ conference aims to help fight porn

Nov 9, 2018 / 18:00 pm

An all-day conference will be hosted in southeast Michigan to expose the problem of pornography and promote resources for those seeking help.

Box set of Mother Angelica's spiritual writings released

Nov 6, 2018 / 12:39 pm

EWTN released Thursday a box-set compilation of Mother Angelica’s spiritual writings.

Philadelphia foster families continue fight for Catholic Social Services

Nov 1, 2018 / 18:00 pm

Foster parents in Philadelphia will be in court next week, asking a judge to allow a Catholic agency to continue placing kids in foster care during a lawsuit that charges the city has unjustly discriminated against the agency.

India blocks 800 websites, reviving 2015 porn ban

Nov 1, 2018 / 13:30 pm

After Nepal banned thousands of pornographic websites last month, India has resurrected its internet pornography ban, blocking more than 800 major porn sites in an attempt curb the country’s spate of sexual violence.