Michelle La Rosa

Michelle La Rosa

Michelle La Rosa is deputy editor-in-chief of Catholic News Agency. She has worked for CNA since 2011. She studied political philosophy and journalism at the University of Dallas.

Articles by Michelle La Rosa

'Marks' of Francis' papacy starting to emerge, Vatican spokesman says

Jul 28, 2013 / 12:06 pm

The director of the Vatican press office said that several major themes can be seen throughout Pope Francis’ addresses during World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Nigerian bishop calls Catholics to be missionaries at home

Jul 28, 2013 / 08:48 am

Catholics should live out their everyday lives in a way that witnesses to those around them, offering hope in a world of darkness, said Bishop John Ebebe Ayah of Ogaja, Nigeria.

WYD pilgrims learn techniques to defend, explain faith

Jul 27, 2013 / 14:49 pm

Participants at a World Youth Day training session received a crash course in defending the Catholic faith, both in the media – including social media – and around family members, friends and coworkers.

Bishop: love of Christ must fuel missionary work

Jul 27, 2013 / 11:19 am

Our evangelization work must be motivated by a relationship of love with Jesus, an Australian bishop told a group of young English-speaking pilgrims at World Youth Day.

Pilgrims in Rio see fellowship as World Youth Day highlight

Jul 24, 2013 / 16:11 pm

Wind and rain on Copacabana beach did not stop more than half a million young people from experiencing the global nature of the Church at the Opening Mass of World Youth Day on the evening of July 23.

Love of Christ helps us find identity, bishop teaches

Jul 24, 2013 / 14:18 pm

By experiencing the love of God and sharing it with those around us, we will find the answers to our deepest questions and longings, said Auxiliary Bishop John Sherrington of Westminster.

Pope rearranges Rio schedule to meet with Argentine youth

Jul 24, 2013 / 01:58 am

Pope Francis has modified his World Youth Day schedule to plan a meeting this Thursday with several thousand young people from his home country of Argentina.

Cardinal Dolan: WYD catechesis will cover 'beautiful themes'

Jul 23, 2013 / 14:36 pm

Held at each World Youth Day as an opportunity to provide formation for participants, the three catechesis sessions in Rio will delve into the Church’s missionary character, said Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York.

Singer says WYD offers chance to experience 'global Church'

Jul 22, 2013 / 17:50 pm

Award-winning Catholic musician Matt Maher sees this year’s World Youth Day gathering as an opportunity to recognize the universal nature of the Catholic Church throughout diverse nations and cultures.

World Youth Day participants hope to build peaceful future

Jul 22, 2013 / 11:47 am

Journalists from across the world heard stories of faith and determination from young people attending World Youth Day 2013 in the hopes of working for a more just and peaceful society.

In encyclical, Pope says 'light of faith' must transform lives

Jul 5, 2013 / 16:04 pm

In his first encyclical, “Lumen Fidei,” or “The Light of Faith,” Pope Francis highlighted the need to let Christ’s love transform and renew our lives, so that we may transmit our faith to the world.  

HHS mandate for religious groups finalized with few changes

Jun 28, 2013 / 11:10 am

The Obama administration announced on June 28 that it has finalized its regulations on the federal contraception mandate as it applies to religious employers.

Supreme Court strikes down DOMA, dismisses Prop 8

Jun 26, 2013 / 08:39 am

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, and the federal government must recognize “gay marriages” accepted by individual states.

Contraception funding charges inaccurate, NY archdiocese says

May 31, 2013 / 03:03 am

Responding to media reports, the Archdiocese of New York said that its payments to a labor union fund that goes towards insurance coverage of contraception and abortion are involuntary and do not excuse the federal contraception mandate.

Newly translated book shows Pope, rabbi in dialogue

Apr 23, 2013 / 03:05 am

The first book by Pope Francis to be translated into English was co-authored by an Argentine rabbi and illustrates the Pope's commitment to inter-religious dialogue, according to the book’s translator.

Denver women's clinic will offer natural, Catholic care

Apr 7, 2013 / 15:03 pm

Women in Denver, Colo., may soon be able to receive health care from a women's clinic that offers a Catholic approach to natural, comprehensive care.

Congressional delegates praise Pope's loving example

Mar 18, 2013 / 16:02 pm

Members of Congress traveling to the Vatican for the inaugural Mass of Pope Francis praised the new Pontiff as a spiritual leader who presents the fullness of Church teaching in love.

College students in Rome send farewell message to Benedict

Mar 1, 2013 / 17:02 pm

Students at the University of Dallas who are spending this semester in Rome had a special opportunity to show their love and support for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI as he officially retired from the papacy.

Bishops call new mandate proposal insufficient

Feb 7, 2013 / 13:29 pm

The U.S. bishops said that the Obama administration’s suggested revisions to the federal contraception mandate fail to address the major religious liberty concerns they voiced last year.

Legal expert laments media confusion over mandate

Feb 6, 2013 / 04:02 am

The Obama administration’s latest proposals to revise the federal contraception mandate have been significantly misunderstood and misrepresented, said a legal scholar.