David Ramos

David Ramos

Graduated in Communication Sciences from the Universidad Privada del Norte in Trujillo, Peru. I have been part of the ACI Prensa team for more than 10 years. I have covered Pope Francis' trips to Ecuador, Paraguay, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru. I covered the beatification ceremony of today's Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero in San Salvador, El Salvador, in 2015. Special envoy for investigation in Honduras in 2016. Head of the ACI Prensa Office in Mexico since 2018.

Articles by David Ramos

Contest seeks to fill Mexico with Nativity scenes in response to attempt to ban them

Nov 18, 2022 / 17:30 pm

The contest proposes that Mexicans “place Nativity scenes on public property and send photographs to our social media.”

Archbishop Chaput: ‘Biden is not in communion with the Catholic faith’

Oct 23, 2022 / 05:32 am

Archbishop Charles Chaput said on Saturday that Joe Biden “is not in communion with the Catholic faith” and that “any priest who now provides Communion to the president participates in his hypocrisy.” 

Feminist leader admits ‘we inflated the figures’ to get abortion legalized in Mexico

Sep 13, 2022 / 15:00 pm

A well-known feminist leader admitted in a video that recently went viral that “we inflated the figures” in the effort to decriminalize abortion in Mexico.

Priest and seminarians robbed amid a wave of church violence in Mexico

Aug 31, 2022 / 15:00 pm

At about 8 a.m. on Aug. 29, criminals entered the Saints of America parish on Mexico City’s south side and tied up the parish priest and a group of seminarians.

Cardinal visits bishop abducted by the Nicaraguan dictatorship: His spirit is strong  

Aug 19, 2022 / 16:07 pm

The archbishop of Managua, Nicaragua, Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, met with the bishop of Matagalpa, Rolando Álvarez, hours after the bishop had been abducted by the Daniel Ortega dictatorship during the early hours of August 19.

Police put Nicaraguan bishop under house arrest again, send priests and seminarians to jail 

Aug 19, 2022 / 12:52 pm

The national police of Nicaragua's Ortega regime said that the bishop was seized to prevent "destabilizing and provocative activities.”

BREAKING: Police force their way into chancery and abduct bishop in Nicaragua

Aug 19, 2022 / 09:20 am

Nicaraguan police forced their way into the residence of Bishop Rolando Álvarez Friday morning and abducted the prelate, an outspoken critic of the regime of President Daniel Ortega, who had been held there under house arrest for the last two weeks.

Historian: Church did not give ‘carte blanche’ for mistreatment of indigenous in Americas

Aug 10, 2022 / 06:00 am

Historian and professor Íñigo Fernández pointed out that shortly after the discovery of America, “the Church in fact began to set limits.”

Is Latin more effective in driving out demons? An exorcist responds

Aug 10, 2022 / 04:00 am

Father Francisco Torres Ruiz of the Diocese of Plasencia, Spain, said many wonder if an exorcism ritual from 1614 is better than one promulgated by St. John Paul II in 2000.

Mexican bishops offer prayers for trapped miners

Aug 5, 2022 / 13:48 pm

Ten miners remain trapped in a coal mine in Sabinas, Coahuila state, after a breach during an excavation caused flooding.

Guadalajara archbishop: ‘Thorough investigation’ of alleged eucharistic miracle needed

Aug 2, 2022 / 15:00 pm

Cardinal José Francisco Robles Ortega recently spoke out about an alleged eucharistic miracle posted on social media.

Priest in Mexico shot and wounded

Jul 29, 2022 / 15:12 pm

The priest, shot in the cheek while driving, is reported to be out of danger.

A new eucharistic miracle in Mexico?

Jul 27, 2022 / 14:25 pm

A video circulating on social media shows what appears to be a eucharistic miracle — a consecrated Host exposed for adoration by the faithful seems to “beat” like a heart.

Mexican parish to remember victims of violence with 130,000 candles

Jul 26, 2022 / 16:58 pm

The candles will be lit the night of July 30 as part of the Day of Prayer for Peace called by the Mexican Bishops’ Conference.

Mexico’s faithful encouraged to bring photos of victims of violence to churches July 24

Jul 19, 2022 / 14:40 pm

Religious leaders have asked that July be a time of prayer for peace in Mexico.

Report: 1 cardinal and 57 priests killed in the last 30 years in Mexico

Jul 8, 2022 / 15:36 pm

The document comes as the faithful in Mexico prepare to observe a Day of Prayer for Peace in Mexico on July 10.

Church leaders in Mexico call for days of prayer for peace amid increasing violence

Jul 5, 2022 / 17:19 pm

“There is a wound to heal and there is the strength that the country needs today to build peace,” the bishops, religious superiors, and Jesuit priests said in a joint statement.

Will Mexico have to wait a half-century for legal abortion to be overturned?

Jul 5, 2022 / 12:19 pm

Rulings that legitimize abortion by the higher courts in Mexico continue to present significant challenges for the pro-life cause in that country.

Guatemalan president demands commission desist from abortion activism

Jun 30, 2022 / 19:00 pm

For President Alejandro Giammattei, the report of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights shows a “methodological error that makes evident an agenda in favor of abortion that exceeds its powers.”

Bishop walks on his knees to bid farewell to Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos in Mexico

Jun 30, 2022 / 18:40 pm

Bishop Jorge Alberto Cavazos Arizpe headed the diocese of San Juan de los Lagos for six years and was recently appointed Archbishop of San Luis Potosí.