Madeleine Teahan

Madeleine Teahan

Madeleine is the former associate editor of the Catholic Herald. She has contributed to Sky News, BBC News, Woman’s Hour, Beyond Belief and many other programmes. She is also a regular Pause For Thought contributor on BBC Radio 2.

Articles by Madeleine Teahan

Bishops in Scotland react to new data showing majority of Scots have ‘no religion’

Jun 7, 2024 / 16:15 pm

Catholic bishops in Scotland have said that new data indicating that the majority of Scots have no religion comes as no surprise.

UK Catholic bishop urges Catholics to consider end-of-life issues before general election

Jun 7, 2024 / 13:27 pm

Bishop Mark Davies of the Shrewsbury Diocese has issued a letter urging Catholics to consider candidates’ positions on euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Scottish bishops criticize government’s new guidance on sex ed

Nov 18, 2023 / 07:00 am

The bishops stated they are “disappointed and confused” by the Scottish government’s decision to delete all references to Catholic schools in updated guidelines.

UK bishop: Marriage is ‘at risk of being eradicated altogether’

Oct 21, 2023 / 07:00 am

During a sermon Oct. 14 at a Mass for a diocesan celebration of marriage, Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury encouraged married couples.

New bill introduces world’s most extreme abortion buffer zone law to Scotland

Oct 14, 2023 / 07:00 am

The bill, if passed, would make any form of pro-life outreach or demonstration within 656 feet of an abortion clinic illegal.

Pope makes church first co-cathedral in history of British Isles

Sep 26, 2023 / 11:15 am

St. Mary of the Isle on the Isle of Man has become the first co-cathedral in the British Isles to share the title with Liverpool’s Cathedral of Christ the King.

Irish-born founder of Boys Town, Father Flanagan, may soon be declared Venerable

Sep 16, 2023 / 08:00 am

Following a premiere of a film on the saintly priest’s life, CNA spoke to Bishop Kevin Doran about the cause of Father Edward J. Flanagan.

There are now 4 shrines dedicated to Mary, Mother of Persecuted Christians

Sep 8, 2023 / 03:00 am

On the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we highlight shrines in the United States, England, and Sweden dedicated to praying for persecuted Christians.

Christian monument ‘Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer’ being constructed in England 

Aug 26, 2023 / 07:00 am

The interactive sculpture near Birmingham, England, will be made up of a million bricks, each representing an individual’s answered prayer.

Historic prayer book of priest who hid King Charles II goes on display

Jul 8, 2023 / 08:01 am

The 400-year-old Roman Missal is believed to have helped bring about the deathbed conversion of the monarch to Catholicism in 1685.

Abortion rates rise in England and Wales rise; pro-lifers declare ‘national tragedy’

Jun 23, 2023 / 09:45 am

The rise in the number of abortions comes alongside pressure to decriminalize abortion in England and Wales for any reason.

UK Christian mom wins appeal after being fired from school job for social media posts

Jun 20, 2023 / 09:15 am

Kristie Higgs shared the posts after learning that the school where she worked and where her child attended planned to introduce books promoting transgenderism.

Pilgrims to walk 59 miles to England’s Our Lady of Walsingham shrine this summer 

Jun 18, 2023 / 06:00 am

Known as “England’s Nazareth,” the popular shrine is located on the north coast of East Anglia and was established around 1061.

Abortions in Scotland highest on record as government considers abortion on demand

Jun 3, 2023 / 07:00 am

Public Health Scotland also revealed that there has been an 84% increase in the number of abortions of babies with Down syndrome.

UK Catholic bishops join other faith leaders to oppose assisted suicide bills

May 24, 2023 / 10:00 am

The Catholic bishops of England, Wales, and Scotland issued statements recently opposing assisted suicide for terminally ill people.

Catholic prelate to participate in British coronation for first time since Reformation

May 3, 2023 / 12:30 pm

Along with other Christian leaders, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Catholic archbishop of Westminster, will bestow a special blessing on King Charles III.

5 Things to know about British MP Miriam Cates, who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo 

Apr 22, 2023 / 07:00 am

Miriam Cates recently took on the U.K. prime minister about sex education in U.K. schools. Here’s some background on this bold Member of Parliament.

Anglican Ordinariate converts express gratitude for Benedict XVI’s ‘prophetic’ vision of unity

Jan 4, 2023 / 07:30 am

The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham was established in 2011 by Pope Benedict XVI to allow Anglicans to enter into full communion with the Church.

Benedict XVI is mourned in the United Kingdom

Dec 31, 2022 / 14:55 pm

The leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, King Charles, and the Prime Minister of Great Britain were among the British leaders who paid tribute to the late pope.

Warning of ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ in Nagorno-Karabakh

Dec 30, 2022 / 07:00 am

A leading politician serving the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) has strongly echoed Pope Francis’ concerns about the humanitarian situation in the region.