Book Reviews2Dr. Guarendi explains how Christ himself is the source of Christian psychology

The Master Pyschologist cover The Master Pyschologist cover

Dr. Ray Guarendi is probably the most sought after Catholic psychologist, not only because of his uncompromised Christian approach to human life and challenges, but also because of his down to earth approach to concrete questions Catholics need answered. 

On his EWTN show "Living Right with Dr. Ray”,  he provides spirited and actionable information on parenting, relationships, aging, and the challenges facing teens, young adults, and families. His many books are equally practical, commonsensical, and filled with wise advice and humor. 

In his latest book, "Jesus the Master Psychologist - Listen to Him", Guarendi not only directs readers to the root of all healthy counseling: the words of the Redeemer, but also show show in some teachings, Christ is two millennia ahead of what psychology is only now coming to understand. 

But at the same time, Guarendi shows how Christ directly contradicts what today’s psychology preaches. Thus, the book explores the teachings of both modern psychology and Christ to identify the therapy tools worth employing – and those we should avoid. 

Being a father of ten with a remarkable mastery of the New Testament, Guarendi provides recommendations for dealing with daily issues such as:

* Ways of transforming your natural qualities into supernatural qualities

* Methods for overcoming jealousy and other passions

* The rearing (and benefits!) of problem children

* Developing habits that help improve your self-awareness

* Means of truly understanding the adage, “know thyself”

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