Alejandro Bermudez

Alejandro Bermudez

Alejandro Bermudez, born in Lima, Peru is the Executive Director of the Catholic News Agency and the ACI Group, which includes ACI Prensa, ACI Digital, ACI Stampa, CNA Deutsche, and ACI Africa. He is also the host of the show "Cara a Cara" on EWTN in Spanish.

Articles by Alejandro Bermudez

The Vatican Nativity scene 2021 will include llamas and superfood for Baby Jesus

Sep 19, 2021 / 03:00 am

The 2021 manger that will be placed in St. Peter's Square in the Vatican to celebrate Christmas will arrive from the town of Chopcca, Peru, a small town nestled in the Andes over 12,000 feet high. 

Supreme Court poised to hear biggest challenge to Roe v Wade in 48 years

Sep 17, 2021 / 14:31 pm

Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic, presented its legal argument Monday for why the U.S. Supreme Court should strike down the state’s 2018 law prohibiting abortions after the first 15 weeks of pregnancy, setting the stage for a momentous showdown over Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

Book Review: Visually rich compilation of Marian apparitions is full of spiritual ‘gems’

Sep 8, 2021 / 11:50 am

Sophia Institute Press and Polish theologian Wincenty Laszewski have successfully completed the task of creating the most ambitious, graphic-rich and beautifully printed compilation of Marian apparitions to date.

North American College to cancel teaching and celebrating Masses in the Extraordinary Form

Aug 31, 2021 / 21:51 pm

In a memo sent to "the Community'' at the North American College (NAC), Rector Fr. Peter Harman announced that all Masses in the Extraordinary form will be permanently suspended at the most important American Catholic institution in Rome.

5 things you need to know about Christians in Afghanistan now

Aug 29, 2021 / 20:45 pm

As the situation in Afghanistan rapidly deteriorates and the U.S. withdrawal date of Tuesday, Aug. 31 approaches, these are five things you need to know about the Christian minority in Afghanistan right now.

Desperate Afghan Christians turned away at airport, aid groups say

Aug 25, 2021 / 14:56 pm

Looming over the deepening humanitarian crisis is a deadline of Friday for civilian evacuation operations at the Kabul airport to give way to the transport of the remaining 5,400 U.S. military personnel in the country in order to meet a target date of Aug. 31, set months ago by the Biden administration, for a complete U.S. withdraw from Afghanistan.

Mass celebrated in front of Denver's Planned Parenthood starts new phase of prolife ministry

Aug 17, 2021 / 17:30 pm

Catholics gathered across the street from Denver’s Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, the largest in Colorado, on Saturday for the launch of a new pro-life initiative: 40 Days for Life 365.

Cardinal Cupich reportedly 'leaning hard' on bioethics center to retract stance on Covid vaccine exemptions

Aug 11, 2021 / 17:32 pm

Amid disagreement among Catholic leaders over whether there is a moral obligation to receive a coronavirus vaccine, board members at the National Catholic Bioethics Center have told CNA that Blase Cardinal Cupich has urged that the center retract its guidance against mandated immunization.

Cardinal Burke tests positive for COVID-19

Aug 10, 2021 / 22:15 pm

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke confirmed on the evening of Tuesday, August 10, that he has tested positive for COVID-19 but that he is doing well.

Italian police say sender of  envelope with bullets addressed to Pope Francis has been identified

Aug 9, 2021 / 17:44 pm

Italian police announced Monday that the sender of the letter addressed to Pope Francis containing three bullets has been identified.

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati: Living life as an 'explosion of joy'

Aug 3, 2021 / 19:00 pm

“With film-star looks, commonsense intelligence, and amazing athleticism, Pier Giorgio Frassati had every reason to pursue worldly success. He chose to focus on higher goals instead.”

Catholic journalism expert reflects on the moral issues around privacy and data 

Jul 24, 2021 / 06:01 am

CNA spoke recently with Dr. William J. Thorn regarding the recent investigation which led to the resignation of Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill as general secretary of the US bishops’ conference.

Cardinal Burke questions Pope Francis' authority to eliminate the Traditional Latin Mass

Jul 22, 2021 / 19:15 pm

In a 19-point statement regarding Pope Francis' motu proprio Traditionis Custodes, Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke called the restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass “severe and revolutionary,” and questioned the pope’s authority to revoke use of the rite.

Concerns raised about using surveillance technology to track clergy

Jul 19, 2021 / 03:00 am

The prospect of private parties using national security-style surveillance technology to track the movements and activities of Catholic bishops, priests, and other Church personnel is raising concerns about civil liberties, privacy rights and what means are ethical to use in Catholic Church reform efforts.

In midst of unprecedented protests in Cuba, Christian Movement calls for free elections

Jul 11, 2021 / 20:22 pm

On Sunday, July 11th, the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) called on Cubans to continue to pressure Cuban communist authorities to open general elections, after thousands of people took the streets of major local cities to protest the unprecedented scarcity of essentials and the death rate produced by COVID-19.

Feast of Chinese Martyrs an opportunity to pray for persecuted Christians in China

Jul 9, 2021 / 15:15 pm

Today, July 9, the Church celebrates the feast day of Chinese Martyrs, 120 faithful Catholics assassinated for their faith between 1648 and 1930.  86 of them died in 1900, during the so-called "Boxer Rebellion," a Chinese anti-Western revolt that caused the killing of Catholic, Evangelical and Anglican missionaries as well as other Europeans and Americans. 

Bible insights for everyday Catholics: Mother Angelica's wisdom about living the Scriptures

Jul 3, 2021 / 16:45 pm

A book review of Mother Angelica's Living the Scriptures.

Archbishop Paglia pleads with Catholic critics of Covid vaccines

Jul 2, 2021 / 16:48 pm

During a press conference on Friday, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, called Catholics who are reluctant to receive COVID vaccines and oppose their distribution to "listen to what the Church has already said”, implying that all objections against COVID vaccines have already been addressed by official Church documents.

Charter ahead of international summit affirms religious freedom "for Everyone, Everywhere, All the Time"

Jun 29, 2021 / 19:00 pm

Ahead of the International Religious Freedom Summit 2021 (IRF Summit), co-chairs Samuel Brownback and Katrina Lantos Swett, along with the Summit’s over 70 partner organizations around the world, have issued a Charter of Religious Freedom, calling for the protection of the universal human rights of religion and conscience "for Everyone, Everywhere, All the Time."

Letter from Pope Francis expresses support for Fr. James Martin’s controversial ministry

Jun 27, 2021 / 10:57 am

In a personal letter sent to Fr. James Martin SJ dated June 21, Pope Francis expressed support for his controversial ministry and encouraged him to "continue this way."