Book Reviews2 The trilogy of illustrated books that should be in every Catholic Household

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We Catholics know that the three theological virtues are not only “very important.” They are our only path to salvation. All the other virtues will shine on Christians more or less based on education, nature, occasion, particular vocation and so on. But those three… we will go to Heaven by those three.

Enter the trilogy of "The Weight of a Mass: A Tale of Faith;" "Take it to the Queen, a Tale of Hope;" and "Portrait of the Son, a Tale of Love," written and adapted by  Josephine Nobisso.

Nobisso is a veteran in the field of children's books. In 2000 she was named "Distinguished Graduate" by the National Catholic Educational Association. For the fascinating, dreamlike illustrations of the first two books, Nobisso teamed up with Hungarian illustrator Katalin Szegedi, who in 2001 won "The Most Beautiful Children 's Book Prize " from the Society of Hungarian Publishers and Distributors.

For the third book of the trilogy, Nobisso teams up with one of the best contemporary Catholic illustrators, Theodore Schluenderfritz, who provides his own unique style and beauty, but without breaking the elegant continuity of the collection.

The first book, couched in the language and look of a fairy tale, and rich in solemn beauty, tells the tale of what happens when a destitute widow begs only a crust of bread in return for offering the Royal Wedding Mass. As amazing as it is, the story is based on a true miracle.

The second, tells an original fable: when once-favored villagers transgress against their king, they seek the intercession of the humble, virtuous neighbor who became their queen.

The third tells a fable that has been going around for some time, but with a deliberate Catholic twist that focuses on the love of God the Father for his Son, and the uncalculated graces that awaits for those who love the Son.

The books work magnificently well with young kids -I tested with my God children- but they are good for everyone, since under the flaps of the three hard and soft cover editions, you can find precise, inspiring theological insights into the art and text of the books.

The only downside is that, for reasons unknown, only the first two books can be found in the original publisher, Gingerbread House, while the third has to be purchased anywhere else online.

"The Weight of a Mass: A Tale of Faith;" 

"Take it to the Queen, a Tale of Hope;"

Portrait of the Son, a Tale of Love

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