Book Reviews2 How to bring back the joy of courtship to strengthen Catholic marriages

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How much would your marriage benefit if someone would plan for you one date of emotional and spiritual intimacy?  Dana Nygaard’s new book, "365 Dates to Renew Your Christian Marriage: Catholic Edition," is doing that for you for a full year.

Nygaard, a Catholic author and marriage counselor, told CNA that "this faith-based book is for Catholic couples who desire to grow closer through thought-provoking and engaging conversations. Whether they are happily married or experiencing a dating slump, this marriage enrichment tool is for those who want to rekindle the new and exciting feelings they enjoyed when they first met." 

The book encourages couples to hold dates in which they navigate three questions formed to "deepen the couple’s conversation while they are enjoying their date night," she told CNA. "And the 'Go' question is meant for couples to enter into a thought-provoking conversation stirring curiosity while gaining new insights into their spouse’s perspectives."

According to Rose Sweet, a Catholic Relationship Coach, "busyness, financial and family concerns can lead couples to lose sight of the foundational relationship that makes any of it really matter. It’s so easy to fall into complacency and practicality and lose sight of the treasure that is your spouse. Dana’s format and questions are so refreshing and provide a simple, fun and effective way to give intimacy the little boost it may need."

“The first thing I noticed (and loved) about Dana Nygaard’s new book is that it’s simple and amazingly easy to implement! It’s just a quick and fun way to bring up interesting and important daily conversation starters that is sure to increase the love, intimacy and friendship between husbands and wives. I don’t have time these days to read many books, but I certainly have 10 minutes each day to spend time with my wife discussing a few quick questions. Get the book, start the conversations and see your relationship improve!” says DavePalmer, Program Director for Guadalupe Radio Network and author of St. Thomas Aquinas for Everyone.

365 Dates to Renew Your Christian Marriage: Catholic Edition

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