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Mother Angelica. Photo courtesy EWTN. Mother Angelica. Photo courtesy EWTN.

Mother Angelica, the foundress of EWTN and the EWTN Family, fascinated audiences with her ability to address in plain language the fact that, quite frequently, it is difficult to understand God’s will for our lives. Especially when times are tough or when we enter a liturgical season like Advent, in which we know we are called to holiness... but we don't know how to achieve it in our daily lives.

"In His Sandals: A Journey with Jesus" by Mother Angelica, is the latest collection of meditations that, in her down-to-earth wisdom, helps us understand that we have "to stop simply existing and start living."

In this book Mother guides the reader through the biblical wisdom of St. John, St. James, and St. Paul, combining them with stirring real-life examples. Thus, the book both comforts and challenges readers on the path towards holiness.

The publishers are happy to offer Mother Angelica's advice on:

-Exercising faith, hope, and love

-Developing an attitude of gratitude and joyful living

-Showing mercy and asking for forgiveness

-Helping others find God through our example

-Being “all in” and avoiding hypocrisy

-Witnessing to the Kingdom in old age

-Accepting trials as a blessing

-Growing in humility, truth and freedom

-Cultivating the fruits of the Holy Spirit in our lives

“A detail?” – says Mother Angelica in the book – “Don’t keep God away from those things in your life that you think are insignificant. There is no insignificant thing in your life in the eyes of God. Remember, He said, 'Not a sparrow falls that He does not know it. Not a hair falls from your head that He does not count it.' That’s how much He loves you.”

"In His Sandals: A Journey with Jesus" - EWTN Publishing

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