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Is adoption a joyful alternative for parents or, to the contrary, a malevolent option to try to take away women's rights, as an AP story covered by secular media claims?

Enter Dr. Ray Guarendi and his new book: "Adoption: Should you, Could you, And then what?," with the self explanatory subtitle: "Straight Answers from a Psychologist and Adoptive Father of Ten."

In the book Dr. Guarendi, one of the most popular and trusted Catholic psychologists, does not address the claims that pro choice activists are making against adoption, but shares significant insights that can answer not only that question, but many more posed by those who are either thinking giving babies for adoption, or bring an adoptive child to be a member of their families.

The book is both informative and entertaining because Dr. Guarendi draws both from professional and personal experience, as well as scientific research. And as the editors explain, he brings much needed clarity to issues such as:

Frustrations about the adoption process, including why couples have to wait so long

Healthy motives and reasons to adopt

How to make adopted children feel special

Relationships between adopted children and their birth parents

Rearing children with “special needs”

Adopting children of other races

Tips for responding to difficult reactions

Talking to children about their adoption stories

Dr. Guarendi shares why he decided to write a book that he had already decided not to write: "only a few months after writing my 'absolutely last' book, I began writing Adoption: Should You, Could You, and Then What? I realize now this book had been sitting silently in me for some time, pressuring to make itself heard. For me, this book is a product of head and heart. My motivating thought was, 'Maybe some couple will adopt because of something they read here. Maybe some child unknown to me will get a mom, dad, family, brothers, sisters, and more."

Guarendi continues with some wit: "Thank you, Wendy’s restaurant. To visit my daughter Sarah, your employee, and to find more quiet than is in our house, I spent many hours writing in your dining room. Dave Thomas, Wendy’s founder, was an adopted child and a passionate national advocate for adoption. What a fitting place to write about adoption!"

Adoption: Should You, Could You, and Then What? - EWTN Publishing

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