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As we Catholic adults practice prayer, penance, and almsgiving during Lent, kids follow their usually more generous hearts and try to follow us. But how can they better understand that giving up things, or eating fish on Fridays at the parish, have a deeper meaning?

I think I now have a tool to share an inspiring sense for Lent to my two godsons via Claudia Cangilla McAdam's "Louie’s Lent." 

The book, richly illustrated by Michael Rogers, encourages children to prepare for Lent and understand that it is not just sacrifices of candy or toys, but of ourselves, that can please God.

When little Louie sees his classmates giving something up for Lent, he’s stumped on what to do himself. While the other students undertake their Lenten resolutions, he embarks on a different course of action - giving of himself to support his classmates in their sacrifices.

Young Catholics aged 4–8 years old will be engaged by the beautiful, full-color illustrations and lively storytelling on every page.

Louie’s Lent - Ascension Press

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