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What is God's purpose in allowing the COVID pandemic, with all its devastating consequences not only in the economic or political realm, but especially in the spiritual life of Catholics and the Church? This is a complex question that Father William Casey, C.P.M. responds in the latest EWTN Publishing book "You Shall Stand Firm- Preserving the Faith in an Age of Apostasy," to be released March 22.

"My brothers and sisters," writes Father Casey in the introduction, "this is a wake-up call from God."

"In the course of three generations of general apostasy — denial of faith, violent upheaval, the worldwide spread and acceptance of atheistic ideology, persecution of Christians, religious indifference, universal rejection of divinely revealed truth, sexual anarchy, abortion on demand, and now even the growing acceptance of infanticide, among so many other evils indicative of humanity’s rebellion against God — I would suggest to you that the aftermath of COVID-19 is entirely consistent with that which God, in His mercy, has historically permitted to remind us of what we are created and called to be and to do as His children. God never ceases to call His children to faith, hope, charity, and especially to repentance. I have often heard it said that the worst affliction God can permit to befall His people is to allow us to follow our own designs in opposition to His own."

Based on this conviction, Father Casey delivers a book that responds to the questions of our time, from new ideologies gaining ground in our secular world to tough questions on marriage and sexuality based on Church teachings. 

In fact, "You Shall Stand Firm" guides in:

Cultivating a life of daily mental prayer, regardless of the duties of your state in life.

Equipping yourself for spiritual battle and perseverance in the quest for souls.

Developing the heroic virtue needed to stand tall and become a saint in our pagan culture.

Receiving and sharing the message of Divine Mercy – while there is still time.

"Until my dying day" - writes Father Casey - "I will be convinced that God has permitted the COVID-19 pandemic — a true scourge upon humanity — to serve as a wake-up call. I believe that through it, our loving and merciful Father in Heaven is calling us back to Himself, attempting to move all men and women to reflect upon the spiritual and moral state of our immortal souls and the course of our lives."

"You Shall Stand Firm- Preserving the Faith in an Age of Apostasy," - EWTN Publishing

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