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Now more than ever, Christianity is at risk of disappearing from the Middle East. This week on CNA Newsroom, we bring you the stories of Middle... (Read more)
This week on the podcast, editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon discuss the second known instance of a priest realizing his baptism was invalid; the... (Read more)
In early August, something happened in Lebanon that no one expected— a massive explosion destroyed many of the city’s predominantly Christian... (Read more)
Some years ago, Lee Edwards, a veteran conservative writer and a friend of mine, launched an organization, the Victims of Communism Memorial... (Read more)
Editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon crack open the Code of Canon Law to discuss the case of a Colorado priest who told parishioners to disobey their... (Read more)
Pope Francis will issue a new encyclical on the human fraternity. The document will outline Pope Francis' vision for the world after the COVID 19... (Read more)

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The Mass is 'essential'

By Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie

If American Catholics feel singled out in this strange year they are not being paranoid, they are simply paying attention. From church burnings to... (Read more)
The return to school looks a little different this fall, because of the coronavirus pandemic.  This week on CNA Newsroom, we talk with a few... (Read more)
On the podcast this week, CNA editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon discuss baptism and the sacraments, in the context of a Detroit priest who learned... (Read more)
Under the heading “A fair chance for children” the New York Times editorial board recommends four measures to help low-income kids: create... (Read more)

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