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The internet and freedom

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

Modern technology enables us to communicate with each other, search out information and enjoy various types of entertainment with an astonishing... (Read more)
It’s almost impossible to find a truly fresh take on American life after more than a century of cinema, but filmmaker Sean Baker has managed with... (Read more)
The challenge of finding language in which believers and non-believers can communicate is unintentionally illustrated in a bestselling new book... (Read more)
As a proud member of both the Osage Nation (the Ni-U-Kon-Ska, "People of the Middle Waters"), and the Knights of Columbus, I am disgusted and... (Read more)
Darren Aronofsky's latest film “Mother!” has certainly stirred up a storm, and no wonder. It features murder, point-blank executions,... (Read more)
On Jan. 20, 1961, President Kennedy concluded his inaugural address, the first ever televised in color, with the stirring challenge: “And so, my... (Read more)
Today a few thoughts about building bridges and opening doors, themes which have appeared in religious news stories in the last few weeks. On a... (Read more)
To love another person is to respond to his beauty and value (whether it is his ontological value as a child of God or whether it is a personal... (Read more)
The new movie “Battle of the Sexes” focuses on the famous 1972 showdown between women’s tennis champ Billie Jean King and former mens’ tennis... (Read more)
The idea that “bigger is better” is one that Hollywood often applies to its sequels, upping the explosions, effects, body counts and stunt casting... (Read more)

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