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So, the Vatican’s financial watchdog is getting a name change and new statutes. The Vatican’s Financial Intelligence Authority will soon be known... (Read more)
CNA Newsroom is going on summer vacation! We’ll be back in six weeks. But before we go, share a six-pack with us. Six segments - all about the 4th... (Read more)
In this special Supreme Court edition of the podcast, CNA editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon discuss the week’s news, including several recent and... (Read more)

Russell Shaw

China and Rome

By Russell Shaw

Not long after coming to power in 1933, the German government headed by  Adolf  Hitler sought a formal agreement with the Holy See – a concordat... (Read more)
Bishop Daniele Libanori, Jesuit and auxiliary for the diocese of Rome, might be appointed next Friday as the successor of Cardinal Beniamino... (Read more)
This week on the CNA Newsroom, you’re going to hear the voice of Jim McNulty. Jim is Catholic, and he was one of three people held hostage in 2010... (Read more)
Editors JD Flynn and Ed Condon are back this week for a candid conversation about the toppling of statues in the US; the Black Lives Matter... (Read more)
This week on CNA Newsroom, we turn back to the coronavirus pandemic and a group of people we haven't yet talked a whole lot about:... (Read more)
Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address is one of the most remarkable documents in American history – a serious theological meditation by a... (Read more)
This week on CNA Newsroom, we share the stories of two Black Catholics on the path to sainthood.  Fr. Augustus Tolton was born into slavery in... (Read more)

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