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Personality test helps Catholic singles meet future spouse

Oct 18, 2006

Ave Maria Singles website has now expanded its features to provide personality assessment tools. The new tools are one of... Read more


Protestant minister killed amid mounting tensions in Indonesia

Oct 16, 2006

A Protestant minister was shot dead on Indonesia's Sulawesi Island, where tension between Christians and Muslims have been mounting since... Read more


Lawyers to take case of Catholics' executions to international court

Oct 5, 2006

Lawyers and priests from an Indonesian Church-based group say the recent executions of three Catholic men were illegal and unconstitutional,... Read more


Christians in India protest government plan to amend anti-conversion law

Sep 24, 2006

Church leaders and others in Gujarat have protested the western Indian state government's move to amend and pass a law... Read more


Three Catholic men executed, gov’t denies wake in local Catholic church

Sep 21, 2006

Three Indonesian Catholic men were executed in Indonesia this morning. They had been convicted for inciting violence, which killed about... Read more


Three Catholics request public execution, reject government coffins

Sep 20, 2006

The three Catholic men, who are to be executed Friday in Indonesia, seem to have resigned themselves to death but... Read more


Bishop calls for justice, prayer as three Catholics face death penalty in Indonesia

Sep 19, 2006

Three Catholic men, who’s execution has been delayed twice before, are now scheduled to be executed Thursday in Indonesia.  An... Read more


Chinese officials take away young bishop

Sep 14, 2006

A young Chinese bishop, whose episcopal ordination was approved by the Vatican but not recognized by the government, was taken... Read more


Canadian hospital under fire for sticking to Catholic ethics

Sep 13, 2006

A family physician in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, has launched a petition to overturn the decision of a Catholic-run hospital to no... Read more


Former underground bishop aligns with “open” Church of China

Sep 12, 2006

Bishop Francis An Shuxin has left the underground Catholic Church in China to join the government-sanctioned church in what he... Read more


Marriage debate in Canada must be reopened, says Archbishop Prendergast

Sep 11, 2006

The Archbishop of Halifax has urged the faithful of his diocese to contact their members of Parliament and to ask... Read more


Diocese closes schools to protest vandalism by Hindu militants, bishops condemn attack

Sep 11, 2006

The Catholic Diocese of Lucknow closed its 20 schools Sept. 11 to protest vandalism by a militant Hindu mob the... Read more


Apostolic administrator appointed after Canadian bishop resigns

Sep 10, 2006

Bishop Joseph Faber MacDonald of Saint John, New Brunswick, has resigned due to health reasons. The bishop’s 75th birthday, the... Read more


Deal with homosexual couple threatens education rights, archbishop says

Sep 6, 2006

A recent agreement between the government of British Columbia and homosexual activists is an unwarranted intrusion on the rights of... Read more


Thousands flock to honor Mother Teresa

Sep 5, 2006

Thousands of people, including Christians, Muslims, and Hindus, gathered in Calcutta yesterday to mark the ninth anniversary of the death... Read more


Syro-Malabar Synod plans office in Rome to foster interchange with Vatican

Sep 4, 2006

The Syro-Malabar Church has decided to open an office in Rome to improve communication between the Eastern Catholic Church and... Read more


Vietnamese government grants permit for Marian shrine

Aug 30, 2006

The construction of a Marian shrine on a Vietnamese hilltop began this month after government authorities granted the local diocese... Read more


Eastern-rite leaders say Latin-rite bishops suppress their faith traditions

Aug 24, 2006

Eastern-rite Catholics of the Syro-Malabar Church, who live in Latin-rite territories, say they face severe challenges in practicing their faith... Read more


Bishop says Parliament made "terrible mistake" in approving same-sex marriage

Aug 23, 2006

Canadian Parliament made a “terrible mistake” when it redefined marriage last year, said Bishop Richard Smith of Pembroke, Ont., to... Read more


Canadian bishop encourages boycott of President Clinton

Aug 23, 2006

After receiving complaints from across Canada, Bishop Gerard Bergie, is encouraging Catholics to boycott an upcoming fundraiser at which former... Read more