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Pope Francis prayed in front of the Salus Populi Romani icon in the Basilica of St. Mary Major on the morning of July 22, 2022. He prayed again in front of the icon on Sept. 12, 2022, to entrust his upcoming trip to Kazakhstan to Mary.

Why is Pope Francis going to Kazakhstan? Here’s what he plans to do

Sep 12, 2022

By Jonah McKeown

The pope plans to visit the large, landlocked Asian country — the second pope to do so — Sept. 13–15... Read more


The geopolitics of Pope Francis’ trip to Kazakhstan

Sep 12, 2022

By Courtney Mares

This week Pope Francis is traveling to Kazakhstan, a Muslim-majority country sandwiched between Russia and China. Read more

The Salamat Maria exhibit at Ali Mall in Quezon City.

Filipino mall exhibits more than 50 images of the Virgin Mary to celebrate her nativity

Sep 8, 2022

By Diego López Marina

The oldest major shopping center in the Philippines is exhibiting more than 50 Marian images to celebrate the feast of... Read more

A display opposing the passage of the anti-terrorism law under which the nuns have been charged, at the University of the Philippines in Quezon City, June 17, 2020.

Filipino nuns charged with funding terrorists deny links to communist group

Sep 2, 2022

By Jonah McKeown

A group of Filipino nuns has strongly denied any connection with terrorist activities after facing charges last month brought by... Read more

Chinese flags on barbed wired wall in Kashgar (Kashi), Xinjiang, China. Credit: Jonathan Densford/Shutterstock

China defiant in face of Uyghurs UN report

Sep 1, 2022

By Jonah McKeown

A highly anticipated report from the United Nations chronicles China’s mistreatment of the Uyghur ethnic group, a Muslim minority in... Read more

St. Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Via Shutterstock

Father’s civil claim against Cardinal Pell and Australian archdiocese to go forward

Aug 25, 2022

By AC Wimmer

An Australian court ruled that a man can sue the Archdiocese of Melbourne and Cardinal George Pell for nervous shock... Read more

Flag of the People's Republic of China

Newly elected Chinese Church leaders allied with government vow to proceed with sinicization

Aug 24, 2022

By Charlotte Evans

Chinese bishops allied with the government have promised to proceed with the “sinicization” of Catholicism in China. Read more


Australian Anglicans split over same-sex marriage

Aug 18, 2022

By AC Wimmer

An attempt by the Sydney archdiocese to affirm that marriage is only between a man and a woman was narrowly... Read more

Uyghur women work in a cloth factory in Hotan county, Xinjiang province, China.

UN: China’s mistreatment of the Uyghurs amounts to modern-day slavery

Aug 17, 2022

By Jonah McKeown

In recent years, China has detained Uyghurs in hundreds of “reeducation camps” and reportedly subjected them to torture and political... Read more

Father Jeewantha Peiris

Sri Lankan priest involved in protests granted bail

Aug 17, 2022

By Charlotte Evans

A priest involved in the recent protests in Sri Lanka has been granted bail after being accused of several criminal... Read more

Mary, Comforter of the Afflicted Parish Church in Maricaban, Pasay City, in the Philippines.

Nuns in the Philippines charged with aiding terrorists

Aug 16, 2022

By Jonah McKeown

More than a dozen people, including several Catholic nuns, have been charged under the Philippines’ strict anti-terror law with allegedly... Read more

Cardinal Joseph Zen, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong.

Cardinal Zen to stand trial in September over role with pro-democracy fund

Aug 11, 2022

By Jonah McKeown

Cardinal Joseph Zen is set to stand trial next month, along with four other people, in connection to his role... Read more

Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Bombay speaks at a Vatican press conference, Oct. 22, 2015.

Indian cardinal denies cover-up to shield bishop charged with fathering a child

Aug 10, 2022

By CNA Staff

Cardinal Oswald Gracias denies allegations he attempted to arrange for a fake paternity test for a scandal-plagued bishop accused of... Read more

The front of the Chinese embassy in Paris, France

Chinese embassy shares anti-Catholic cartoon amid Pelosi visit to Taiwan

Aug 5, 2022

By Jonah McKeown

The image, created by a Chinese artist and propagandist, shows a gaunt, hooded and witchlike woman — crowned with a... Read more


Australian bill would allow legalization of assisted suicide, euthanasia in territories

Aug 2, 2022

By Kevin J. Jones

Lawmakers in the Australian Parliament have proposed a bill to allow two of Australia’s ten territories to legalize euthanasia and... Read more

A St. Thomas Christian cross at the installation of Mar Joseph Srampickal at Preston North End stadium, England, on Oct. 9, 2016.

Indian archbishop asked to resign over escalating liturgical dispute

Jul 26, 2022

By AC Wimmer

The dispute over the celebration of a unified liturgy in the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church has led to the resignation of... Read more

The Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia.

Civil claim brought against Cardinal Pell and Australian Archdiocese

Jul 14, 2022

By AC Wimmer

An Australian court on Thursday heard from the lawyer representing a man seeking legal action against the Catholic Church and... Read more

Participants in the Church in Australia's Plenary Council in Sydney, July 9, 2022.

As Catholic Church in Australia ends plenary council, members hope for lasting impact

Jul 12, 2022

By Kevin J. Jones

The Catholic Church in Australia has concluded its Fifth Plenary Council. After months of debate and discussion on Church governance... Read more


Human rights advocates respond after Pope Francis says Vatican-China deal ‘moving well’

Jul 6, 2022

By Courtney Mares

Human rights advocates have raised concerns about heightened restrictions on Christians in China after Pope Francis expressed hope that the... Read more

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Hong Kong. Credit: Volodymyr Dvornyk/Shutterstock

Hong Kong missionary head reportedly warned Chinese repression could worsen

Jul 5, 2022

By Jonah McKeown

A Catholic priest overseeing missionaries serving in Hong Kong reportedly told the missionaries that they should prepare for a much... Read more