Baja California legislature inserts same-sex marriage into state constitution

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The Baja California legislature amended the state constitution Wednesday to include same-sex marriage, which pro-life activists have called a "grave attack against Baja California families."

The Baja California legislature approved gay marriage by a vote of 18 to 4, with 1 abstention, on June 16.

El Universal reported that lawmakers amended Article 7 of the state constitution to recognize marriage as the union of two people, and no longer as the union of one man and one woman.

The National Front for the Family said that "marriage between a man and a woman is the institution that provides the conditions for the integral and full development of children."

The organization pointed out that with Baja California’s approval of gay marriage, "the term marriage is emptied of its content and it eliminates support in the law for the family."

The NFF charged that by voting for gay marriage, legislators belonging to the Morena party (National Regeneration Movement) of Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the "PT (Labor Party) and Movimiento Ciudadano (Citizens’ Movement) party seriously attacked Baja California families.”

The lawmakers "didn't listen to the voice of an entire society that made them see the real needs of the state" and "decided to vote in favor of the decomposition of the family and against the well-being of thousands of children."

The coordinator of the NFF in Baja California, Marcela Vaquera, charged that “the legislators who didn’t listen to the voice of the citizens of our state and who voted to amend our Constitution dealt a severe blow to the stability of the family.”

“As parents, we seek redress from the legislators because with the legalization of same-sex marriage, the door is opened to actions that we consider unjust to our children such as transgender bathrooms in schools, activist education on sexual diversity, transgender surgeries, without parents being able to intervene,” Vaquera said.

Rodrigo Iván Cortés, president of the NFF, said that it’s “lamentable that the Baja California legislators aren’t prioritizing the family and its needs regarding healthcare, the economy and security, and this proves to us that the legislators are obeying and kowtowing to ideologies that severely harm society and even more so our children."

"Nevertheless, the NFF will continue on the national level to promote the strengthening of the family and safeguarding the innocence of our children," Cortés said.

Sinaloa also legalized same-sex marriage, on June 15.

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