Pro-life groups equip churches for post-Roe America: ‘No woman stands alone’

pro-life churches A scene from a promotional video for "Standing with Her Sunday" a virtual event being held on Aug. 28, 2022, to inform church leaders about the need for life-affirming efforts to support women who are pregnant. | Screenshot from YouTube video

National pro-life groups are organizing a virtual event Sunday that promises to equip churches to care for pregnant women in need following the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

“Local churches represent the front lines of service to young families, to frightened mothers and at-risk children, and as a community, we want women to know we are all there for them,” Kristan Hawkins, the president of Students for Life of America (SFLA), told CNA. “No woman needs to stand alone.”

On Aug. 28, several pro-life and faith organizations, spearheaded by SFLA, will hold an event — “Standing with Her Sunday” — to inform church leaders.

The free event will reveal how churches can ensure that “no woman stands alone in a post-Roe America,” the event’s website reads. Pro-life people of faith can register on the website to watch remotely on SFLA’s Facebook page or attend in person at Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado.

While more than half of abortion-seeking women identify as Christians, according to SFLA, the group also finds that 73% of Americans are not aware of pregnancy resources in their community.

Churches can change this, these pro-life groups say.

“Starting with the church community, it’s up to all of us to care for the least of these and to let women know when they are in a moment of crisis that they and their baby are not alone,” Hawkins told CNA.

“Research tells us it’s the fear of handling a pregnancy with no help with worries about how to manage school or career along with a young family that drives many women to abortion," she added. You can watch a video about the event below.

The slew of pro-life leaders speaking at the event includes Catholics, such as Hawkins and Lisa Rowe, the chief executive officer of Support After Abortion. Sen. James Lankford also will speak.

“I stand with moms and families to make sure they know it’s going to be okay, to make sure they have the pregnancy resources they need, and to make sure they have a community around them of family, neighbors, churches, and nonprofits to lift them up during pregnancy and after their baby is born,” the Republican from Oklahoma told CNA in a statement. 

Lankford pointed to the importance of pro-life action following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs v. Jackson case. That decision leaves abortion up to the states.

“After the Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling turned abortion decisions back to the people and their elected representatives, we continue to affirm that every child is valuable and should be protected,” he added. “We must continue to pray and to stand with moms so they know they can choose life.” 

Other speakers include Denise Harle, senior counsel at faith-based legal organization Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

“We believe that women are fully capable of being moms and living successful, happy lives without having to turn to abortion,” Harle told CNA. “ADF is thrilled to join our allies to demonstrate what a welcoming pro-life culture looks like and to affirm the dignity of women.”

Among other resources, the event’s website counts 2,752 pregnancy centers nationwide that offer women and families resources including from medical services to parenting programs at little to no cost.

Hawkins stressed that there are “so many wonderful organizations and programs available to women if they know where to look. We can help with that.”

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The event comes at a time when the Catholic Church is also working to equip and engage parishes through programs like the U.S. Catholic bishops’ pro-life ministry, Walking With Moms in Need.

“We can all do more, but the Catholic Church has consistently championed the life issue, and we want our evangelical community to join us,” Hawkins told CNA.

Partnering organizations for the event include SFLA, ADF, Heartbeat International, Human Coalition, Save the Storks, and Her Plan.

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