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Before the march began, the president of the Polish Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop Tadeusz Wojda, stressed that “life is a gift from God and as such it is an inalienable right of every human being, which is why it must be protected and supported at every stage of its development.”

50,000 march for life in Poland as its parliament considers legalizing abortion

Apr 15, 2024

By Walter Sánchez Silva

On Sunday, 50,000 people congregated on the streets of Warsaw, Poland, for the National March for Life to defend the... Read more


House Republicans include slew of pro-life bills in 2025 budget proposal

Mar 22, 2024

By Peter Pinedo, Ken Oliver-Méndez

The Republican Study Committee dedicated a section of its “Fiscal Sanity to Save America” federal budget proposal to “measures designed... Read more

Speaking with EWTN Capitol Hill correspondent Erik Rosales, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, railed against the Biden administration’s passivity as more than 400 attacks against Catholic churches in the U.S. have been perpetrated during the last four years.

Marco Rubio draws attention to pro-life strategy, spike in church vandalism

In an EWTN News interview, the Florida senator discussed pro-life strategy and holding the Biden administration accountable in addressing church... Read more

The small group of Germans peacefully praying for an end to abortion were accosted March 1, 2024, by some 20 assailants wearing hoodies who shouted in their faces, harassing them, mocking them, insulting them, provoking them, and intimidating them with aggressive behavior.

Pro-abortion activists aggressively harass peaceful pro-life prayer vigil in Germany

Mar 6, 2024

By Walter Sánchez Silva

A lawyer and executive director of 40 Days for Life International denounced a March 1 attack by abortion activists on... Read more

Stanton Healthcare CEO Brandi Swindell and Concerned Women for America President Penny Nance speak at the 2024 Conservative Political Action Conference.

CPAC speakers urge lawmakers to embrace life, end coerced abortions

Feb 24, 2024

By Tyler Arnold

Pro-life speakers at the 2024 Conservative Political Action Conference are urging candidates for public office to embrace the issue of... Read more

A father and son observe pro-natalist billboard campaign in Madrid, Spain.

Large families association launches ‘Save the planet, have more children’ campaign

Feb 23, 2024

By Nicolás de Cárdenas

The Large Families Association of Madrid has launched an advertising campaign featuring the message “Save the planet, have more children.”  Read more

A pro-abortion activist displays abortion pills as she counter-protests during an anti-abortion demonstration on March 25, 2023, in New York City.

Pro-life scholars challenge study that claims abortion pills are ‘safe’ and ‘effective’

Feb 20, 2024

By Tyler Arnold

Several pro-life scholars are pushing back on a recently published study that claims abortion pills are “safe” and “effective.” Read more

President Donald Trump in 2017.

New York Times reports Trump backs 16-week abortion ban; campaign pushes back

Feb 16, 2024

By Tyler Arnold

The New York Times is reporting that former President Donald Trump has told advisers he would support a national ban... Read more

Pro-life activists protest the incarceration of nine activists charged with FACE Act violations on Jan. 19, 2024.

Six pro-life activists convicted of federal FACE Act charges, face over a decade in prison

Jan 31, 2024

By Daniel Payne

The defendants were “each convicted of a felony conspiracy against rights and a Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE)... Read more

Members of the Houston-based Catholic Organization of Life carry their flag, alongside the state flag, at the 2024 Texas March for Life.

Pro-life leaders are ‘laser-focused’ on state marches this election year: Here’s what you need to know

Jan 31, 2024

By Peter Pinedo

With abortion set to be on the ballot this year in many states across the country, pro-life groups in several... Read more

Indiana State Capitol.

State-level marches for life bring message of hope to state capitals

Jan 29, 2024

By Daniel Payne

Pro-life advocates are taking their message to various state capital cities, where the culture of life continues to hang in... Read more

Leading pro-life diaper company EveryLife went big with a billboard campaign in Times Square to coincide with the Jan. 19, 2024, March for Life.

Pro-life diaper company makes big splash

Jan 24, 2024

By Kate Quiñones

America’s leading pro-life diaper company, EveryLife, just wrapped up its latest ad campaign in Times Square.  Read more

The Celebrate Life Day rally was organized to commemorate the first anniversary of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health  Supreme Court decision.

Supreme Courts in three states set to hear abortion case arguments

Dec 11, 2023

By Tyler Arnold

This week state Supreme Courts in Arizona, Wyoming, and New Mexico will hear oral arguments for litigation related to the... Read more


Kansas judge blocks several state pro-life laws ahead of 2024 trial

Oct 31, 2023

By Daniel Payne

Pro-life advocates had predicted that the state’s abortion regulations would be struck down after the defeat of a pro-life ballot... Read more

Maison DesChamps has assumed the brand of "pro-life spiderman" as he has scaled seven city skyscrapers to bring attention to the pro-life cause. In this photo, he is climbing the Accenture Tower in Chicago Oct. 10, 2023.

Who is Maison DesChamps, the recently arrested ‘Pro-life Spider-man’?

Oct 25, 2023

By Joe Bukuras

The 24-year-old Christian rock climber doesn’t mind risking his life and going to jail “if it’s going to save a... Read more

Lauren Handy speaks at a news conference on April 5, 2022, in Washington, D.C.

Thomas More Society files emergency appeal to release activist from pre-sentencing detention

Sep 1, 2023

By Daniel Payne

Lauren Handy was among the five anti-abortion demonstrators found guilty this week of felony violations of the FACE Act. Read more


Pro-life activists found guilty of obstructing abortion clinic access in DC

Aug 30, 2023

By Tyler Arnold

All five defendants were convicted of felony conspiracy against rights and felony violation of the Freedom of Access to Clinic... Read more


Study: Abortion restrictions led to 9,800 more births in Texas over nine months

Jul 3, 2023

By Tyler Arnold

The study was the first of its kind to investigate how abortion laws impact birth rates.  Read more

NFL star Benjamin Watson discusses his work in the pro-life movement with "EWTN News Nightly" host Tracy Sabol on June 22, 2023.

‘Do your job’: What NFL star says pro-lifers can learn from his time with the Patriots

Jul 1, 2023

By Tina Dennelly

Former New England Patriots tight end Ben Watson says he believes pro-lifers are in a “new fight for life.” Read more

Father Fidelis Moscinski (lower left, standing behind the cross), a well-known pro-life activist and priest of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (CFR) is seen during a tense standoff between pro-life and pro-abortion demonstrators in Lower Manhattan on July 2, 2022. The pro-life marchers were trying to reach a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic where they planned to hold a prayer vigil, and the pro-abortion demonstrators were trying to block their path.

Franciscan friar gets 6 months in jail for blocking New York abortion clinic entrance

Jun 29, 2023

By Tyler Arnold

Father Fidelis Moscinski, CFR, was given the maximum penalty for violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. Read more