Approximately 25,000 people took to the streets in Mexico City April 29 for the March for Life to demand an end to abortion, which was legalized in the Mexican capital in 2007, according to Steps for Life, the organizer of the event.

April 26 marks 16 years since the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District legalized abortion with a reform of the Penal Code. At that time Marcelo Ebrard headed the government of the capital and supported decriminalization, which was known as “the Marcelo Law.”

“This legislation has caused more than a million abortions in Mexico, since the official figures from health centers in Mexico City must be added [to] those performed in private clinics,” Steps for Life said in a press release. 

At approximately 11:15 a.m. the demonstration headed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to place a wreath near the Memory and Tolerance Museum symbolizing “the deaths caused by the so-called ‘Marcelo Law’ and the systematic violence experienced by women,” explained Jahel Torres Ramírez, spokeswoman and organizer of the march.

The thousands of pro-life marchers then made their way to the Mexico City Congress, where they listened to speeches by the organizers.

Daniel Ramírez Cortés, who represents Steps for Life in Michoacán state, noted that current public policies don’t solve the real problems of Mexican women, who need “better education, more job opportunities, safety guarantees, day care for their children, sports, culture, not death.”

Fátima Guzmán, the representative of Steps for Life in Jalisco state, pointed out that in recent years it has been proven that decriminalizing abortion doesn’t solve the problems at their source. “It’s not a comprehensive solution, women are not better cared for, the risks in the practice [of abortion] haven’t ended,” she said.

Guzmán asked politicians “to open their eyes and realize that Mexico wants life and not unjust laws that promote systematic violence against women and society.”

Organizer Jahel Torres demanded that the three branches of government “respect the laws, respect the binding international treaties to which Mexico is a party, and promote the culture of life, the culture of an authentic defense of women for a better development of our country.”

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The pro-lfe leader stressed “that this Mexico of women, this Mexico of life, this Mexico of opportunities, is the Mexico that we are building this day and that we are committed to defending and spreading because Mexico loves life!”

This story was first published by ACI Prensa, CNA’s Spanish-language news partner. It has been translated and adapted by CNA.