Pro-life diaper company makes big splash

EveryLife ad campaign Leading pro-life diaper company EveryLife went big with a billboard campaign in Times Square to coincide with the Jan. 19, 2024, March for Life. | Credit: EWTN News Nightly

America’s leading pro-life diaper company, EveryLife, just wrapped up its latest ad campaign in Times Square. 

The campaign prominently featured a post by X owner Elon Musk that read: “Having children is saving the world.” Below this, the billboard reads: “Make more babies.” 

“We did launch this massive campaign last week with a very clear message,” EveryLife President Sarah Seifert told “EWTN News Nightly” anchor Tracy Sabol. “We were inspired by Elon Musk. He said, ‘Having children is saving the world,’ and we 100% endorse that message.”

“We are the first pro-life diaper company. Every other diaper company on the market today financially and vocally supports abortion,” Seifert pointed out. “And so we felt, as parents, an obligation to create this solution for parents that are passionate about shopping in alignment with their pro-life values.”

EveryLife launched the five-day ad campaign last week to coincide with the March for Life. 

Seifert indicated that EveryLife supports pro-life organizations such as pregnancy resource centers that are in need of diapers and wipes for families who need support. The company’s “Buy for a Cause” program enables pro-lifers to support families who have chosen life. 

When asked about why the message was so important, Seifert explained: “We believe that we need more babies, not less.”

Proclaiming the culture of life

“We’re seeing birth rates decline; we’re seeing parents saying that they want to push off having children, or maybe not even having children at all,” Seifert observed. “I think a lot of that is because there is this push on the other side of the aisle that’s projecting this message that children are a burden, they’re a threat to our earth, that they’re an inconvenience, that they’re actually going to stop you from being able to pursue your career.”

“And what we’re saying at EveryLife is that is not true,” she continued. “That is false information. Children are a gift from God. They are a blessing, and it is a reward to be a parent. We champion parenthood. We know that children are our future. They’re our hope. They are what help us continue on. And we need strong families in order to have a strong nation.”

When asked about reactions to the ad, Seifert called the response “incredible.”

“We’ve seen record traffic,” she said. “We’ve seen record sales, and we were really hoping that we could grab Elon’s attention. So, we were so excited and encouraged to see that he responded to the billboard going up, and everybody talking about it on all the various platforms and he endorses ‘make more babies.’ He thinks that that is how we secure a strong nation as well.”

In addition, EveryLife released a video showing what life would be like without children, and how beautiful life is with children. 

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