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Pope Francis addresses the bishops of Korea in Seoul, Aug. 14, 2014.

Vatican 'shares the sadness' of Chinese youth barred from visiting Korea

Aug 14, 2014

Holy See press officer Fr. Federico Lombardi said Thursday that “we share the sadness” of the young people from mainland... Read more

Flag of China.

Ramadan fasting ban in China draws criticism

Jul 17, 2014

By Kevin J. Jones

A Chinese province’s ban on the observance of the Ramadan fast among Muslim university students ignores the importance that religion... Read more

Zhang Ruli (L) and Zhang Anni (R) speak with CNA on May 5, 2014

China's youngest detainee decries torture of father

May 8, 2014

By Elise Harris

Dubbed as “China’s youngest prisoner of conscience,” Zhang Anni and her sister Ruli have voiced their opposition to the government’s... Read more

Flag of China.

Church bulldozing in China prompts religious freedom worries

May 6, 2014

Chinese authorities’ bulldozing of a large Protestant church shows the need for greater respect for religious freedom in the country,... Read more

Msgr. Matthew Koo speaks with CNA on March 19, 2014.

Priest who survived labor camp recalls suffering as gift

Apr 2, 2014

By Elise Harris

Monsignor Matthew Koo recounted being detained in a Chinese labor camp for thirty years due to his Marian devotion, noting... Read more

St. Ignatius Cathedral in Shanghai, China.

Underground Chinese bishop in Shanghai dies at 97

Mar 18, 2014

Bishop Joseph Fan Zhongliang, a bishop of Shanghai in the People’s Republic of China who spent decades under arrest for... Read more

Flag of China.

Institute rallies activism against China's one-child policy

Mar 14, 2014

The Population Research Institute has launched a new campaign to encourage effective human rights activism among those concerned about the... Read more

Reggie Littlejohn. Photo

China one-child policy denounced as violating women's rights

Aug 31, 2013

By Adelaide Mena

As stories of forced abortions continue to surface in China, a women’s rights activist is arguing that the nation’s one-child... Read more

Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey welcomes Chen Guangcheng to the United States.

Activist's departure from NYU draws fear of Chinese pressure

Jun 19, 2013

By Adelaide Mena

Amid reports that blind pro-life activist Chen Guangcheng is being asked to leave New York University, some human rights defenders... Read more

Chen Guangcheng appears in a youtube video after escaping from house arrest in China on April 22, 2012.

State Department asked to aid Chen Guangcheng's nephew

May 15, 2013

By Adelaide Mena

A bipartisan coalition of Congress members has sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, calling for government... Read more

Speaker Boehner greeting Chen Guangcheng.

Blind activist appeals to US over China's human rights abuses

Apr 11, 2013

Blind Chinese human rights activist and lawyer Chen Guangcheng criticized China for its human rights abuses and asked that the... Read more

House Speaker John Boehner greeting Chen Guangcheng.

GQ magazine names pro-life activist 'Rebel of the Year'

Nov 29, 2012

A secular men's magazine has praised Chinese anti-abortion advocate Chen Guangcheng in its December 2012 issue, placing him on the... Read more

Speaker Boehner greeting Chen Guangcheng.

Congressional leaders support Chinese pro-life activist

Aug 3, 2012

By Michelle La Rosa

Bipartisan leaders of Congress came together in the nation’s capital on Aug. 1 to meet with and offer their support... Read more


Photo sparks global outrage over China's one-child policy

Jun 18, 2012

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have used social networks to protest China's one-child policy after a photo surfaced of... Read more

Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey welcomes Chen Guangcheng to the United States.

Chen arrives in US as family, friends remain vulnerable in China

May 21, 2012

By Michelle La Rosa

Chinese pro-life advocate Chen Guangcheng and his family have arrived safely in the United States, but reports indicate that his... Read more

Rep. Chris Smith listens to testimony during the May 15, 2012 hearing on the plight of Chen Guangcheng.

Witnesses warn of retribution against Chen Guangcheng’s family, friends

May 16, 2012

By Michelle La Rosa

A hearing before a U.S. House subcommittee on human rights discussed the current status of blind pro-life activist Chen Guangcheng,... Read more