St. Hyacinth

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The Immaculata statue from Immaculate Conception Parish in Detroit was placed in a niche in the church where a confessional used to be, along with stands displaying news articles chronicling Immaculate Conception’s history, a reminder of what was lost and what has been saved. “The statue meant a lot to parishioners who came in here and adopted St. Hyacinth as their new home after Immaculate Conception was torn down,” sacristan Susan Kraus said. “It is only out of fairness and respect toward them that we restore her to her original beauty.”

Crown restored to Marian statue at Michigan parish after missing for 44 years

May 12, 2024

By Daniel Meloy

“It’s about time she got it back,” the sacristan said after finding the long-lost crown for the parish’s Immaculata statue... Read more