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The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Prešov, mother church of the Slovakian Archdiocese of Prešov. Credit: Szeder László via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Pope Francis to visit Slovakia during important anniversary year for Ruthenian Catholics

When Pope Francis travels to Slovakia in September, one of his stops will be Prešov. Located in the east, the... Read more

Bishop Kurt Burnette, pictured before his appointment as bishop of the Ruthenian Eparchy of Passaic in 2013. Courtesy of the Ruthenian Eparchy of Passaic.

Pope Francis appoints bishop in US as administrator of Canadian eparchy

Pope Francis appointed a New Jersey-based bishop as the administrator of a Canadian eparchy Tuesday.  Read more

Distribution of Holy Communion at an Orthodox Divine Liturgy in Ukraine. Photo courtesy of Oleksandr Drabinko.

Catholic and Orthodox Churches in Ukraine consider how to distribute Communion

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted discussions in Ukraine over whether precautions should be taken related to the reception of Holy... Read more

Bishops of the USCCB's Region XV in the grotto of St Peter's Basilica during their ad limina visit, Feb. 18, 2020.

Eastern Catholic bishops in US have particular pastoral concern for immigrants

In the United States, Eastern Catholics face many of the same challenges as Latin rite Catholics, but the Eastern Catholic... Read more

Pope Francis addresses pilgrims from the Ruthenian Eparchy of Mukachevo in St. Peter's Basilica, Dec. 11, 2019.

Pope thanks Ruthenian Catholics of Ukraine for fidelity to Christ in Soviet era

Pope Francis praised Wednesday the courage of the Ruthenian Eparchy of Mukachevo, which emerged from hiding 30 years ago after... Read more

The nuns of Christ the Bridegroom Monastery in Burton, Ohio, with Bishops Milan Lach and John Kudrick, following a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, Sept. 30, 2019.

Ruthenian women's community established as eparchial monastery

The Ruthenian Bishop of Parma last week erected Christ the Bridegroom Monastery as a female monastery sui iuris of eparchial... Read more

St. Melany Ruthenian Catholic Church, in Tucson, Arizona. Courtesy photo.

How this convert 'fell in love with Jesus' through the Byzantine Catholic Church

The scandals, she said, are opportunities to pray for Church leaders who have “fallen away, because there's so much responsibility... Read more

Bishop Milan Lach, of the Ruthenian Eparchy of Parma,  at the University of Preshov, June 2017.

'If we are spiritually sterile, we will have no future,' bishop tells Ruthenian eparchy

In many ways the Ruthenian Eparchy of Parma, a local Church of the Byzantine rite in the midwestern United States,... Read more

Bishop Milan Lach, who was appointed Bishop of the Ruthenian Eparchy of Parma June 1, 2018, at the University of Preshov, June 2017.

Pope names new bishop for Ruthenian eparchy in the US

The Vatican announced Friday that Pope Francis has tapped Slovakian-born Bishop Milan Lach S.J. as the new head of the... Read more

Bishop John Pazak, who was appointed head of the Ruthenian eparchy of Phoenix May 7, 2016, participates in ecumenical prayer in Toronto in 2010.

Pope Francis names new bishop for Arizona-based Byzantine eparchy

Pope Francis has named a new bishop of a Phoenix-based Eastern Catholic eparchy: Bishop John Stephen Pazak, C.Ss.R.  Read more

Fr. Kurt Burnette, bishop elect of the Ruthenian Eparchy of Passaic. Courtesy of the Ruthenian Eparchy of Passaic.

Fr. Kurt Burnette made head of Ruthenian Eparchy of Passaic

Father Kurt Burnette, rector of Sts. Cyril and Methodius Seminary in Pittsburgh, was appointed Bishop of the Ruthenian Eparchy of... Read more