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Cathedral Basilica of Notre Dame in Quebec City.

Relics of Canadian saints stolen from Quebec City's Cathedral

The Cathedral Basilica of Notre Dame in Quebec is working to replace relics of Canadian saints that were stolen after... Read more

Quebecois bishops: prohibition on religious garb will 'fuel fear and intolerance'

The Canadian province of Quebec passed a law Sunday prohibiting future government employees “in positions of authority” from expressing their... Read more

Quebec bill would bar religious symbols for government employees

A bill introduced recently in Quebec would forbid future government employees from expressing their faith through religious symbols during office... Read more

'We're in a very different time now': Montreal officials oust crucifix from City Hall

Montreal’s City Hall doesn’t need Christ, officials have said. A crucifix that has hung on the wall of Montreal’s City... Read more

Pope Francis mourns the Quebec mosque attack with Cardinal Gerald Lacroix, Jan. 30, 2017.

Pope Francis condemns shooting at Quebec mosque

Pope Francis met Monday with Cardinal Gérald Lacroix of Quebec, conveying his sorrow for the victims of a shooting the... Read more

Archbishop Lacroix of Quebec speaking in Denver, Aug. 2, 2011.

Canada's next cardinal, a missionary against secularism

Archbishop Gerald Lacroix of Quebec, who will be made a cardinal at the Feb. 22 consistory, is a missionary for... Read more