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Transgender lawsuit against Catholic hospital cites new US Supreme Court precedent

Jul 20, 2020

A Catholic hospital in Maryland faces a lawsuit from a person who presents as a transgender man because it would... Read more

What the Supreme Court ministerial exception ruling could mean for LGBT employment lawsuits

Jul 8, 2020

The Supreme Court’s ruling today on ministerial exception should encourage Catholic schools expecting teachers to live out Church doctrine on... Read more

The Downtown Hope Center, a faith-based women's shelter in Anchorage.

Trump admin to allow homeless shelters to serve on basis of biological sex

Jun 15, 2020

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is set to roll back an Obama-era rule that requires single-sex homeless shelters... Read more

Department for Health and Human Services, Washington DC. Via Shutterstock

HHS protects doctors who object to abortion, transgender surgery

Jun 12, 2020

On Friday, the Trump administration finalized a new rule to protect doctors’ right to object to abortion and “gender reassignment”... Read more

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Amid transgender pressure, Australian medical conference to defend Christian vision

May 28, 2020

By Kevin J. Jones

The stakes are surprisingly high for the Australian Catholic Medical Association as it holds an online conference this Saturday on... Read more

Entrance to campus of Brigham Young University.

Mormon elders row back LGBT rule repeal at BYU

Mar 6, 2020

An elder from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints issued a letter on Tuesday responding to a Mormon... Read more

Parliament House, Canberra.

Australian bishops: religious discrimination bill has merit, but flaws should be fixed

Feb 14, 2020

Australia’s Catholic bishops have welcomed changes to a proposed religious discrimination bill to protect religious believers and institutions from discrimination... Read more

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield in Illinois.

Bishop Paprocki provides pastoral guide on gender identity

Feb 10, 2020

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield in Illinois issued a pastoral guide last month regarding diocesan policies on gender identity, expounding... Read more

Opposition mounts to Florida’s Vulnerable Child Protection bill

Feb 4, 2020

Several states this legislative session have introduced bills aimed at curtailing access to transgender surgery and puberty-blocking drugs for minors,... Read more

Stack of three books with rainbow ribbon bookmark.

Banks pull scholarship support over Christian schools' LGBT policies

Jan 31, 2020

Two major banks withdrew support for a Florida scholarship program this week after deciding that the policies of some participating Christian... Read more

Johnny Mercer MP, Minister for Defense.

UK Defense minister apologizes for chaplains ‘outing’ gay servicemen

Jan 14, 2020

By Christine Rousselle

U.K. Minister of Defense Johnny Mercer has issued an apology to lesbian, gay, and bisexual servicemembers who were reportedly outed... Read more

Chick-fil-A Retail Fast Food Location.

Chick-Fil-A still aims 'to glorify God' after corporate giving flap

Jan 9, 2020

Chick-fil-A’s CEO said that the restaurant chain “inadvertently discredited” many faith-based organizations when it announced last year that it was... Read more

AMA supports federal ban on 'conversion therapy'

Nov 25, 2019

The American Medical Association announced last week that it had adopted a number of new policies, including advocacy for a... Read more

View of the Salvation Army building in city centre.

'We serve everyone': Salvation Army responds to Chick-Fil-A donation cut

Nov 19, 2019

The statement came in response to an announcement on Monday by the Chick-Fil-A Foundation that it would no longer donate... Read more

Chick-fil-A Retail Fast Food Location.

Chick-Fil-A sauces Christian charities

Nov 18, 2019

By Christine Rousselle

American fast-food chain Chick-Fil-A has announced that it will stop donating to two large faith-based charitable organizations after years of... Read more

Amid NY officials' legal threats, Christian adoption agency gets chance for appeal

Nov 12, 2019

New Hope Family Services, a Christian non-profit, is defending its long-standing child placement program from New York state officials who... Read more

Virginia State Capitol. Eurobanks/ Shutterstock.

State elections point to looming battles over abortion, LGBT, and gun rights

Nov 6, 2019

By Matt Hadro

In Virginia, Democrats won both chambers of the state legislature and will hold both the state house and governor’s mansion... Read more

LGBT leader paid sex abuse victim not to testify, Oregon authorities say

Nov 5, 2019

By Kevin J. Jones

Terry Bean, a leading investor, LGBT advocate and political fundraiser, has been arrested in Oregon following allegations that he and... Read more

Georgia state capitol building.

Georgia bill would make 'transgender treatment' for minors a felony

Nov 1, 2019

By Christine Rousselle

A state representative in Georgia has proposed a law that would make it a felony for medical professionals to assist in... Read more

Rainbow Kentucky flag.

Kentucky shirtmaker wins discrimination case over LGBT festival

Nov 1, 2019

By Matt Hadro

The Kentucky state Supreme Court on Thursday ruled in favor of a Christian business owner who declined to serve an... Read more